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Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Education Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Session 2010 - 2011

  • EDU 07/10/11 Leadership is the Key to a Successful School
  • EDU 06/10/11 Assembly Committee Hears From Successful Schools
  • EDU 05/10/11 Assembly Committee Learns About Schools' Success
  • EDU 04/10/11 Assembly Education Committee Calls For Cross-Departmental Early Years Children's Strategy
  • EDU 03/10/11 Assembly Education Committee Hosts Event To Scrutinise Early Years Proposals
  • EDU 02/10/11 Key To School Success Focus Of Committee Inquiry
  • EDU 01/10/11 New School Is Top Class - Assembly Committee Visits Belfast Boys' Model

Session 2009 - 2010

  • EDU 09/09/10 Assembly Committee Sees Impact Of Poor Accommodation On Learning
  • EDU 08/09/10 Assembly Committee Takes a Closer Look at Nurture Groups
  • EDU 07/09/10 Committee received Whitehouse Primary School Petition
  • EDU 06/09/10 Committee returns to the classroom
  • EDU 05/09/10 Committee calls on Minister to review Proposals for Special Education
  • EDU 04/09/10 Special Educational Needs Proposal Scrutinised
  • EDU 03/09/10 Education Committee Urges Implementation of Report Findings to Safeguard the Future of the Northern Ireland Economy
  • EDU 02/09/10 Committee Welcomes Further Extension to Special Educational Needs Consultation
  • EDU 01/09/10 Committee Listens to Concerns on Special Educational Needs
  • PN HSSPS 01/09/10 Joined Up Approach is Essential to Promoting Positive Mental Health
  • EDU 04/08/09 Education Committee: Groups Have Their Say
  • EDU 03/08/09 Specialist Schools Will Aid Future of Northern Ireland Economy
  • E&L 03/08/09 Assembly Committees Back Science and Technology
  • EDU 02/08/09  Committee examines Craigavon two-tier schools system
  • EDU 01/08/09 Education Committee Working For Northern Ireland’s Future
  • EDU 04/08 Education Committee to meet with Key Stakeholders
  • EDU 03/08 Committee Regrets School Accident
  • EDU 02/08 Committee Listens To Education Groups
  • EDU 01/08 Education Committee go back to school!
  • EDU 05/07 Committee For Education Welcomes Agreement
  • EDU 03/07 Committee for Education Urges Minister to Intervene in Dispute
  • EDU 02/07 Committee For Education Hears Directly From Schools


Session 2010 - 2011

  • MON 170111 Assembly Committee for Education Additional Meeting
  • MON 101115 Assembly Education Committee Hosts Event to Scrutinise Early Years Proposals

Session 2009 - 2010

  • MON 100112 Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Top Of The Agenda For Education Committee
  • MON 100118 Education Committee To Host Stakeholder Event On Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
  • MON 100223 Committee Returns To The Classroom
  • MON 100614 Assembly Committee Visits Nurture Group At Holy Family Primary and Nursery School, Derry
  • MON 100614 Assembly Committee Visits Nurture Group At St.Dallan's Primary School, Warrenpoint
  • MON 100614 Assembly Committee Visits Nurture Group At Ballysally Primary School, Coleraine



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