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Committees of the Assembly

Here you will find a list of Committees established by the Assembly together with links to further pages containing information on their work and publications.

Committee Reports


Agriculture and Rural Development Committee
Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee
Education Committee
Employment and Learning Committee 1
Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee
Environment Committee
Finance and Personnel Committee
Health, Social Services and Public Safety Committee
Regional Development Committee
Social Development Committee

An Act to change the name of the Department of Higher and Further Education, Training and Employment to Department for Employment and Learning was given Royal Assent on 20 July 2001.


Committee on Procedures
Business Committee
Committee of the Centre
Public Accounts Committee
Committee on Standards and Privileges
Audit Committee


Ad Hoc Committees will be established from time to time to deal with specific time-bounded terms of reference that the Assembly may set.

Ad Hoc Committee on Flags (NI) Order 2000
(Reported on 10 October 2000)
Ad Hoc Committee - Financial Investigations (NI) Order
(Reported on 6 February 2001)
Ad Hoc Committee - Life Sentences (NI) Order 2000
(Reported on 12 March 2001)
Ad Hoc Committee - Proceeds of Crime Bill
(Reported on 29 May 2001)
Ad Hoc Committee on Criminal Injuries Compensation
(Reported on 15 November 2001)
Ad hoc Committee on Criminal Justice Reform
(Reported on 14 January 2002)
Ad hoc Committee on Disqualification Legislation
(Reported on 14 June 2002)
Ad hoc Committee on proposed Draft Access to Justice (NorthernIreland) Order 2002
(Reported on 2 July 2002)
Ad hoc Committee on proposed Draft Firearms (NorthernIreland) Order 2002

View the work of the Ad Hoc Committees set up prior to the devolution of powers on 2 December 1999

COMMITTEE REPORTS before Devolution of Powers

View reports passed by the The New Northern Ireland Assembly before devolution of powers.