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Welcome to the Home Page of the Committee of the Centre. This Committee has been established to examine and report on the following functions carried out in the Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister and on any other related matters determined by the Assembly.

(a) Economic Policy Unit (other than the Programme of Government);
(b) Equality Unit;
(c) Civic Forum;
(d) European Affairs and International Matters;
(e) Community Relations;
(f) Public Appointments Policy;
(g) Freedom of Information;
(i) Nolan Standards;
(j) Public Service Office;
(k) Emergency Planning;
(l) Women's Issues; and
(m) Those functions relating to the Planning Appeals Commission and the Water Appeals Commission transferred to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister by The Departments (Transfer of Functions) Order (Northern Ireland) 2001.


The Committee will have the power to send for persons and papers.

Here you will find information about the Committee membership and the work of the Committee.



Mrs Eileen Bell

Democratic Unionist Party

Mr Edwin Poots*1
Mr Oliver Gibson**
Mr Jim Shannon

Progressive Unionist Party

Mr David Ervine

Sinn Fein

Mr Barry McElduff2
Mr Pat McNamee3
Dr Dara O'Hagan4

Social Democratic and Labour Party

Ms Patricia Lewsley
Dr Alasdair McDonnell
Mr Eugene McMenamin

Ulster Unionist Party

Mr Roy Beggs Jnr5
Dr Esmond Birnie

Mr Duncan Shipley Dalton6
Mr Danny Kennedy7
Mr Ken Robinson

Independent Mrs Annie Courtney8

**Deputy Chairperson


1. Mr Edwin Poots replaced Mr Gregory Campbell on 27 July 2000.
2. Mr Barry McElduff replaced Ms Michelle Gildernew on 26 February 2002.
3. Mr Pat McNamee replaced Mr Conor Murphy on 24 June 2002. Mr Murphy had replaced Mr Mitchell McLaughlin on 18 September 2000.
4. Dr Dara O'Hagan replaced Mr Alex Maskey on 24 June 2002.
5. Mr Roy Beggs Jnr replaced Rt Hon John Taylor on 11 September 2000.
6. Mr Duncan Shipley Dalton replaced Mr James Leslie on 11 March 2002.
7. Mr Danny Kennedy replaced Mr Fred Cobain on 11 March 2002.
8. Mrs Annie Courtney replaced Mr P J Bradley on 15 February 2001.