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Welcome to the Home Page of the Business Committee which has been established to make arrangements for the business of the Assembly. Here you will find information about the Business Committee.

Prior to the devolution of powers on 2 December 1999, a Committee to advise the Presiding Officer had been set up to advise the Presiding Officer on the arrangement of the business of the Assembly and on practical issues related to the provision of appropriate facilities for Members.


Chairperson The Speaker

Alliance Mr K McCarthy

Democratic Unionist Party * Mr Maurice Morrow
Mr I Paisley Jnr

NI Women's Coalition Prof M McWilliams

Progressive Unionist Party Mr B Hutchinson

Sinn Fein Ms Sue Ramsey
Mr C Murphy

Social Democratic and Labour Party Ms P Lewsley
Mr PJ Bradley

Ulster Unionist Party Mr David McClarty
Mr I Davis

United Unionist Assembly Party Mr D Watson

Note: Mr Maurice Morrow resigned from the Business Committee with effect from 27 July 2000.
* Mr Maurice Morrow replaced Mr Nigel Dodds MP with effect from 6 November 2001.