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Regional Development Committee

Inquiry into the management of data risks in Northern Ireland Water.

Over the course of this mandate, the Committee devoted a considerable amount of its time to water and sewerage services issues. Following problems with the mis-apportionment of costs between domestic and non-domestic customers, the Committee began an inquiry into the management of data risk in Northern Ireland Water and took evidence on this matter. During the course of the Committee’s work, the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation sought legally binding regulatory undertakings from Northern Ireland Water. These undertakings required Northern Ireland Water to act immediately to improve the data on customer numbers, customer groups and water volumes used in its annual information return, its scheme of charges and its tariff model, and put in place a monitored programme of work to significantly improve the accuracy and quality of its customer and management data. Northern Ireland Water provided the required undertakings to the Regulator, who monitors compliance with the commitments given and progress on the agreed programme of work. The Committee was content with this approach. The Committee commends the follow-up of progress on the undertakings provided to the Utility Regulator on data quality and continuous improvement in the robustness, reliability and fitness for purpose of management information to an incoming Committee.

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