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Regional Development Committee

Membership (11)
Democratic Unionist Party Mr Allan Bresland 1
  Mr Ian McCrea 1 5
  Mr George Robinson
  Miss Michelle McIlveen (Deputy Chairperson) 4
Alliance Ms Anna Lo 7,11
Sinn Fein Mr Cathal Boylan
  Mr Fra McCann 9
  Mr Billy Leonard 6
Social Democratic and Labour Party Mr Conall McDevitt 3, 8
Ulster Unionist Party Mr Fred Cobain (Chairperson)
  Mr Billy Armstrong 2,10

1 With effect from 15 September 2008 Mr Allan Bresland replaced Mr William Irwin and Mr Alastair Ross replaced Mr Stephen Moutray
2 With effect from 22 June 2009 Mr Danny Kinahan replaced Mr John McCallister
3 With effect from 29 June 2009 Mr Tommy Gallagher replaced Mr John Dallat
4 With effect from 4 July 2009 Miss Michelle McIlveen replaced Mr Jim Wells
5 With effect from 16 September 2009 Mr Ian McCrea replaced Mr Alastair Ross
6 With effect from 13 April 2010 Mr Billy Leonard replaced Mr Raymond McCartney
7 With effect from 13 April 2010 Mr Brian Wilson ceased to be a Member and Mr Trevor Lunn was appointed as a Member
8 With effect from 24 May 2010 Mr Conall McDevitt replaced Mr Tommy Gallagher
9 With effect from 13 September 2010 Mr Fra McCann replaced Mr Willie Clarke
10 With effect from 01 November 2010 Mr Billy Armstrong replaced Mr Danny Kinahan
11 With effect from 15 November 2010 Ms Anna Lo replaced Mr Trevor Lunn


Committee Clerk: Roisin Kelly
Address: Room 428, Parliament Buildings, Ballymiscaw, Stormont, Belfast, BT4 3XX
Telephone: (028) 9052 1821
Fax: (028) 9052 5917

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