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Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Social Development Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Press Releases

Session 2010 - 2011

SD 08/10/11 Assembly approves new Housing Bill
SD 07/10/11 Assembly Committee visits Regeneration Projects in Newry
SD 06/10/11 The Time for Action on Fuel Poverty is Now
SD 05/10/11 Assembly Committee Reviews Support for the Homeless
SD 04/10/11 Committee Hears Concerns on Social Development
SD 03/10/11 Committee Concerns Over Housing Executive Response
SD 02/10/11 Voluntary and Community Sector Should not be Subject to Unfair Cuts
SD 01/10/11 Time for innovation in affordable housing

Session 2009 - 2010

SD 16/09/10 Assembly Committee Visits Macmillan Cancer Support Centre
SD 15/09/10 Social Development and Regional Development Committees visit Streets Ahead
SD 14/09/10 Assembly Committee to Visit South Down
SD 13/09/10 Benefit Processing Concerns Raised During Committee Visit
SD 11/09/10 Committee Fears Budget Cuts and Job Losses
SD 10/09/10 More Advice Needed For Autism Sufferers
SD 09/09/10 Northern Ireland's Carers Deserve Greater Support
SD 08/09/10 Homelessness top of the agenda for Social Development Committee
SD 07/09/10 Improvements to Housing Executive Homes put at Risk
SD 06/09/10 Committee Hears Grassroots Concerns on Social Development
SD 01/09/10 Committee's Plans For Regenerating Our Town Centres

Session 2008 - 2009

SD 04/09 Busy Times For the Social Development Committee
SD 03/09 Committee Gives Cautious Welcome to Jobs and Benefits Offices Review
SD 02/09 Department Must Do Better With Neighbourhood Renewal
SD 01/09 No Compromise on Benefit Advice and Support
SD 06/08 Eco Village 'an Exemplar Scheme' says Committee
SD 05/08 Social Development Committee visits Strabane
SD 04/08 Committee Critical Of Administration Of DLA
SD 03/08 Social Development Committee Reaches Out
SD 02/08 Social Development Committee Socialise!
SD 01/08 Comments Invited on Charities Bill
SD 05/07 Social Development Committee Announces First Inquiry
SD 04/07 Assembly Committee To Consult Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships
SD 03/07 Assembly Committee To Keep A Watchful Eye On Semple Review Group
SD 02/07 Changes To Payment Of Housing Benefit Causes Concern For Assembly Committee
SD 01/07 Northern Ireland Assembly establishes a Statutory Departmental Committee for Social Development


Session 2010 - 2011

MON 08/03/11 Assembly Committee to visit Regeneration Projects in Newry

MON 26/01/11 Committee to Question Minister on the Northern Ireland Housing Executive's Response to Adverse Winter Weather
MON 24/11/10 Committee To Hear Views Of Voluntary & Community Sector At Special Event

Session 2009 - 2010

MON 10/03/09 Supporting People Top Of The Agenda For Social Development Committee
MON 10/05/18 Assembly Committee Visits Streets Ahead Project
MON 09/01/20 Warm Homes Scheme Under Scrutiny
MON 09/12/02 Assembly Committee For Social Development Visits Homelessness Projects In North West




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