No.11/06 (T.A.)



The Assembly met at 10.30 am, the Speaker in the Chair

1. Personal Prayer or Meditation

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

2. Private Members’ Business

2.1 Motion – Social Disadvantage and Educational Attainment

Proposed: That this Assembly recognises the link between social disadvantage and educational attainment and recognises the sterling work of educationalists in addressing this situation; and further calls on an incoming Executive to develop a strategic approach to raising the attainment levels for the most disadvantaged in our society.

[Mr B McElduff]

2.2 Amendment No. 1

Proposed: At end insert:

‘, including an investigation of the reasons why this link exists, and to implement effective existing and new measures to address this problem.’

[Mr D Bradley]
[Mr J Dallat]

2.3 Amendment No. 2

Proposed: At end insert:

‘The Assembly also notes the recent report on ‘Improving literacy and numeracy in schools’ in Northern Ireland by the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts; and calls on the Department of Education to fully fund and implement an effective literacy and numeracy strategy; and further calls for the setting up of Education Action Zones in areas of high educational disadvantage.’

[Mr N McCausland]

Debate ensued.

Deputy Speaker (Mr Francie Molloy) in the Chair.

The Speaker in the Chair.

Amendment No. 1 being put, the Amendment was made without division.

Amendment No. 2 being put, the Amendment was made without division.

The Question being put, the Motion, as amended, was carried without division.

The Sitting was, by leave, suspended at 12.27 pm

The Sitting resumed at 2.00 pm.

2.4 Motion – Sudan

Proposed: Bearing in mind the appalling human tragedy in Darfur, this Assembly calls on all democratic governments, especially the Irish and British Governments with which this Assembly has particular interaction, to use all their influence on the Government of Sudan to accept immediate deployment of the United Nations force in Darfur, as mandated by the United Nations Security Council.

[Mrs C Hanna]

Debate ensued.

Deputy Speaker (Mr Jim Wells) in the Chair.

The Question being put, the Motion was carried without division.

3. Adjournment

3.1 Proposed: That the Assembly do now adjourn.

[The Speaker]

The Assembly adjourned at 3.46 pm.

Mrs Eileen Bell
The Speaker
16 January 2006

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