No.08/06 (T.A.)



The Assembly met at 12.00 pm, the Speaker in the Chair

1. Personal Prayer or Meditation

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

2. Private Members’ Business

2.1 Motion – Agriculture

Proposed: That this Assembly deplores the over-bureaucratic administration within the Northern Ireland agricultural industry and calls on the government to implement legislation / regulations with less gold-plating, and to put in place a review of current legislation and regulations with a view to reducing any unnecessary bureaucratic burden; and further calls on the government to implement the initiatives set out in the Ulster Farmers’ Union document ‘Five Steps to a Better Future.

[Mr T Elliott]
[Mr PJ Bradley]

Debate ensued.

Deputy Speaker (Mr Francie Molloy) in the Chair.

The Speaker in the Chair.

The Question being put, the Motion was carried without division.

2.2 Motion – Closure of Post Offices

Proposed: That this Assembly deplores the introduction of proposals by the government to close a number of Post Offices across Northern Ireland; and the implications these proposals will have for rural Post Offices.

[Mr W Hay]
[Mr P Weir]

2.3 Amendment

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘for’ and insert:

‘all Post Offices, urban, suburban and rural; and calls on a future devolved administration to work in conjunction with the Post Office and the Social Security Agency to retain Post Office card accounts; and further calls for the development of other government and financial services which address the needs of recipients of state benefits and pensions, other Post Office users and future potential customers.’

[Mr P McGlone]
[Mr J Dallat]

Debate ensued.

Deputy Speaker (Mr Jim Wells) in the Chair.

The Speaker in the Chair.

The Amendment being put, the Amendment was made without division.

The Question being put, the Motion, as amended was carried without division.

3. Adjournment

3.1 Proposed: That the Assembly do now adjourn.

[The Speaker]

The Assembly adjourned at 4.24 pm.

Mrs Eileen Bell
The Speaker
8 January 2007

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