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This page lists all the Written Ministerial Statements issued by Ministers and published in the Official Report during the 2011-12 Assembly Session.


Also published during this Session:
Sittings of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Meetings of Assembly Committees

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Written Ministerial Statements from the 2011-12 Session of the Northern Ireland Assembly:
15 November 2011
Culture, Arts and Leisure

DCAL: Arm's-length Bodies

26 October 2011


Extreme Rainfall: Help for Householders

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18 October 2011


Spreading of Slurry Under the Nitrates Action Programme

Written Ministerial Statements from other Sessions of the Northern Ireland Assembly:
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2008-09 Session (1 September 2008 - 31 August 2009)

The Written Ministerial Statement procedure was introduced on 23 March 2009. There were no Written Ministerial Statements in previous Sessions.