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The Official Report (Hansard) publishes transcripts of all Assembly Sittings and selected Committee Meetings. We also publish Written Ministerial Statements.

There are some differences between what we publish on the web and what we publish on paper.

There are many other Assembly publications besides the Official Report.
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Web Publishing


Print Publishing

Assembly Sittings  

We cover all Assembly Sittings. Draft transcripts are posted during Sittings and gradually updated throughout the day before being replaced by the revised transcripts the following morning.

Draft transcripts generally start to appear about four hours after the start of the Sitting.



Transcripts of each Assembly Sitting (the Daily Part) are published by 8.30 am the following morning.

Hardback compilations (the Bound Volume) are published after every 10 or so Sittings.

Both Daily Parts and Bound Volumes can be purchased from The Stationery Office.

Committee Meetings  

In addition to plenary sittings of the Assembly, Official (Hansard) Reports (also known as minutes of evidence) are published for some Committee meetings - generally those meetings, or parts of meetings, that involve the consideration of legislation or the taking of evidence as part of a Committee inquiry. Committee reports are published within three working days of the proceedings covered, excluding days on which the full Assembly sits.

From the 2009-10 session, as part of an initiative to provide earlier and easier access to Hansard reports of Committee meetings, the Office of the Official Report is piloting a new publishing process for Hansard reports of the meetings of the Committee for Finance and Personnel and the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Official Reports for other Committees continue to be published on the Committee pages. Official Reports from previous sessions can also be found there, as can information on Committee meetings that were not reported by Hansard.


The Committee Stages of Bills are printed in the Bound Volume for the period in which they fall.

Other Committee transcripts prepared by Hansard may be published by the Committee concerned.

Written Ministerial Statements  

We publish Written Ministerial Statements as soon as we receive
them. Unlike Assembly and Committee transcripts, Written Ministerial
Statements are not edited before publication; they are posted as received from Ministers.

The Written Ministerial Statement procedure was introduced on 23 March 2009; there were no Written Ministerial Statements prior to that date.


Written Ministerial Statements are printed in the first Daily Part to be published following their release, and in the Bound Volume for the period in which they fall.