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Public Accounts Committee

This page lists all the proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee during the 2009-10 Assembly Session that were reported by Hansard for publication. Committee Minutes of Evidence are published within three working days of the proceedings covered, excluding days on which the full Assembly sits.

Please note that Minutes of Evidence are not produced for all meetings of the Committee or indeed the entirety of those meetings. Generally, Minutes of Evidence are produced for those meetings, or parts of meetings, that involve the consideration of legislation or the taking of evidence as part of a Committee inquiry.

Please consult the Committee's page for full details of its proceedings.

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Proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee from the 2009-10 Session of the Northern Ireland Assembly:
1 July 2010
Governance of NI Water
24 June 2010
'Measuring the Performance of NI Water'
20 May 2010
Synergy e-Business Incubator
20 May 2010
Campsie Office Accommodation
22 April 2010

‘Memorandum to the Committee of Public Accounts from the Comptroller and Auditor General for Northern Ireland: Combating Organised Crime’

18 March 2010
Transforming Land Registers: The LandWeb Project
25 February 2010
Resettlement of Long-Stay Patients from Learning Disability Hospitals
4 February 2010
The Management of Personal Injury Claims
4 February 2010
Review of the Gateway Process
14 January 2010
The Pre-school Education Expansion Programme
3 December 2009
The Performance of the Planning Service
12 November 2009
The Performance of the Health Service in Northern Ireland
22 October 2009
Review of New Deal 25+
8 October 2009
Irish Sport Horse Genetic Testing Unit Ltd
8 October 2009
Public Service Agreements
17 September 2009
Management of Social Housing Rent Collection and Arrears
17 September 2009
SS Nomadic
Proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee from other Sessions:

2011-12 Session (12 May 2011 - 31 August 2012)

2010-11 Session (1 September 2010 - 24 August 2011)

2009-10 Session (1 September 2009 - 31 August 2010

Minutes of Evidence from earlier Sessions can be found appended to the Committee's Reports.