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At its meeting on 28 May 2008, the Committee for Employment and Learning agreed to undertake a review of teacher training provision.

The review resulted from the Committee being briefed on 12th March 2008 by the Minister for Employment and Learning on potential changes to teacher education currently delivered by Stranmillis and St. Mary’s University Colleges. The Committee took evidence from the colleges on the 16th April 2008 on their particular issues and concerns. The Committee expressed a number of concerns with regard to the future of teacher education and agreed to conduct a ‘stakeholder review’ in order that a full range of opinions and views can be fully articulated.

The objective of the review is:

To collate and consider the opinions and views of those involved in, and affected by, proposed changes to teacher education and to produce a report of recommendations to the Minister for Employment and Learning.

In meeting this objective, the Committee will receive further briefings from the Minister and Departmental officials and will also take evidence from a range of stakeholders with the view of reporting its findings at the end of October 2008.

Press Releases

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