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Committee Investigation into way forward for Apprenticeships

At its meeting of 19 th November 2008, the Committee for Employment and Learning agreed to investigate how apprenticeships need to evolve to be responsive to the skills requirements of the modern global economy.

The investigation resulted from the Minister for Employment and Learning’s statement to the Assembly on Tuesday 11 th November with regard to contingencies he is seeking to put in place to help apprentices that have been made redundant in the current economic downturn. The Committee took this as an opportunity to look at how the current system of apprenticeships might evolve to be more robust in the face of an economic downturn and be more responsive to the fast-changing requirements for particular skills and skills pools in the global economy. In addition, re-tendering for Apprenticeships NI will take place in 2010, with preparatory work starting in 2009. Ideally, the work coming from this investigation will allow the Committee to partner the Department in shaping that process.

The objective of the Investigation is:

To collate and consider the opinions and views of the providers, recipients and the utilisers of apprenticeships, and to seek useful regional and international examples of good practice in apprenticeships, with a view to producing a report of recommendations to the Minister for Employment and Learning.

Terms of Reference:

  • To establish the expectations and requirements of those undertaking and providing apprenticeships and to relate this to the changing needs of the economy with regard to skills;
  • To identify and analyse relevant experience elsewhere in terms of structures, practices and key targets/outcomes; and
  • To consider the approach to apprenticeships required by different sectors and determine how this might shape policy interventions and programmes.

As a first stage it is hoped that the recommendations will form the basis of a consensus between the Committee and the Minister’s department. The second stage will be deciding how this consensus on a way forward should inform the evolution policy on apprenticeships to meet the skills requirements of a modern economy.



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