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At its meeting on 3 October 2007, the Committee for Employment and Learning agreed to undertake a monitoring programme of the rollout of the Department for Employment and Learning’s new Training for Success Programme.

The objective of the programme is that:

The Committee for Employment and Learning fully monitors and scrutinises the early stage roll out and delivery of the Department for Employment Learning’s new Training for Success programme and recommends any policy or process changes which it considers will improve the programme delivery.

In meeting this objective, the Committee will address the following terms of reference:

a. To ensure that the providers of the training programmes are fully equipped (staff and resources) to deliver the highest quality training within their particular sector;

b. To ensure that the geographical coverage and access arrangements allow for trainees to pursue their chosen training path;

c. To ensure that Training for Success is firmly aligned to the needs of local industry and business sectors; and

d. To ensure that the new arrangements for training provision under Training for Success adhere to the highest employee and resource management standards

Minutes of Evidence
First Report on Training for Success
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