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Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Press Releases

Session 2010/2011

AGR 02/10/11 Agriculture Committee Brings Minister and Council Representatives Together

AGR 01/10/11 Agriculture Committee Provides Assurances on Tail Docking

Session 2009/2010

AGR 14/09/10 New Agriculture Committee Chairperson Ready for the Challenge
AGR 13/09/10 Agriculture Committee United in the Call to Crackdown on Brucellosis
AGR 12/09/10 European Fisheries Commissioner to Visit Northern Ireland
AGR 11/09/10 Agriculture Committee Cast an Invite to New European Fisheries Commissioner
AGR 10/09/10 Agriculture Committee Examines Criminal Investigation Process
AGR 09/09/10 Agriculture Committee Gets to the Root of Forestry Bill
AGR 08/09/10 Committee Ready to Tackle Rural Issues in a Rural Setting
AGR 07/09/10 Committee Reflects on Successful Brussels Visit
AGR 05/09/10 Committee Gains Assurance From Fisheries Commissioner
AGR 04/09/10 Committee Meets UFU Ahead Of Key Meetings
AGR 03/09/10 DARD Chair Meets Minister on Planning Policy
AGR 02/09/10 European Parliament Is Key To Success Of Northern Ireland's Agriculture
AGR 01/09/10 DARD Agrees To Committee Proposal On Reducing Compensation

Session 2008/2009

AGR 09/08/09 Banks need to listen to the needs of farms says Assembly committee
AGR 08/08/09 Rural concerns take centre stage at Ballymena show
AGR 07/08/09 Agriculture Committee gets to the core of the Bramley
AGR 06/08/09 Agriculture Committee Goes Dutch
AGR 05/08/09 Committee Sends DARD Back to School
AGR 04/08/09 Imports from bluetongue areas put NI farming at risk
AGR 03/08/09 Committee welcomes all clear for local pork
AGR 02/08/09 Committee calls for Compulsory Ban on Imports from Blue Tongue Restricted Areas
AGR 01/08/09 Flood-Affected Farmers hit by Potato Blight

Session 2007/2008

AGR 20/07/08 Committee Will Put Wind Up Department
AGR 18/07/08 Charges for animal testing are an unacceptable burden says Committee
AGR 17/07/08 Advance Part-Payment to Farmers to be Implemented
AGR 16/07/08 Renewable Energy is worth pursuing says Agriculture Committee
AGR 15/07/08 Stakeholders meet Committee
AGR 14/07/08 Committee Delegation Visits Isle Of Man
AGR 13/07/08 Committee Respond To Minister’s Statement On Bluetongue
AGR 12/07/08 Committee Takes Up Red Meat Cause
AGR 10/07/08 Committee Meeting With Eu Commissioner For Fish
AGR 09/07/08 Emergency meeting on Foot-and-Mouth Disease
AGR 08/07/08Committee convenes special meeting
AGR 07/07/08 Committee discusses Foot and Mouth outbreak with Minister
AGR 06/07/08 Committee challenges Minister over sale of "Family Silver"
AGR 05/07/08 Committee ready to challenge
AGR 04/07/08 Committee looks forward to visit from Minister
AGR 03/07/08 Committee listens to farmers and fishermen
AGR 02/07/08 Committee pushes for Bureaucracy to be reduced
AGR 01/07/08 Committee looks forward to challenges ahead



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