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Present: Mr P Doherty MP (Chairperson)
Mr W Clyde Mrs A Courtney
Dr A McDonnell
Mr E McMenamin
Dr D O'Hagan
Mr J Wells

Apologies: Mr S Neeson (Deputy Chairperson) Mr B Armstrong
Mr D McClarty
Ms J Morrice

In attendance: Mr M Rickard (Committee Clerk) Mr G Thompson (Assembly Clerk)
Mr M Anderson (Assistant Committee Clerk)
Mr R Anderson (Clerical Supervisor)
Mrs J Murdoch (Clerical Supervisor)
Miss A Fowler (Clerical Officer) Dr P Gilleece (Assembly Research)

In attendance for the private evidence session at 10.40am: Mr A Moir
In attendance for the private evidence session at 10.54am: Dr I Skewis (Tourism Inquiry Specialist Adviser), Ms C Weatherup (Morrow Communications)

The Committee agreed to open the meeting in private at 10.40am.

1. Chairperson's Business

1.1. The Chairperson updated Members on the present position regarding the transfer of Committee Clerks and Mr Moir answered questions raised by Members.

Mrs Courtney joined the meeting at 10.53am.

Agreed - to accept the proposals offered by the Clerk to the Assembly subject to confirmation in writing.

Mr Clyde left the meeting at 11.00am.

2. Tourism Conference

2.1. The Committee discussed the final programme for the conference in Coleraine and Dr I Skewis and Ms C Weatherup answered queries raised by Members.

Agreed - to check with the Assembly Legal Adviser whether proceedings will be covered by Parliamentary Privilege.

Agreed - to hire a photographer for the event.

2.2. The Committee considered the draft Press Release.

Agreed - to amend and issue the Press Release.

2.3. The Committee discussed the second conference in Omagh.

Agreed - that Alistair Good should be invited to the conference in Omagh.

Agreed - that any Member who wished to meet the party of American travel agents could attend the dinner they are hosting at the Tower Hotel, Londonderry on the evening of 26 September.

2.4. The Committee discussed taking additional evidence for the Tourism Inquiry.

Agreed - to invite the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Tourism Ireland Limited to give further evidence at a later date.

Agreed - to meet Tourism Ireland Limited at their offices in Coleraine.

Dr McDonnell left the meeting at 11.47am.

3. Tourism Visit

3.1. The Assistant Committee Clerk updated the Committee on the overseas visit.

Agreed - to confirm the dates of the visit as 15 to 19 October.

4. Chairperson's Business (continued)

4.1. The Chairperson updated Members on the Giant's Causeway meeting with the National Trust and Seaport Investments.

Dr McDonnell rejoined the meeting at 12.05pm.
The meeting went into public session at 12.05pm.

4.2. The Chairperson reported on his attendance at the U.S.-Ireland Business Summit in Washington and associated events.

Agreed - that the Committee would make a recommendation to the Minister to make a Statement on the Business Summit to the Assembly.

5. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Agreed - the minutes of the meeting held on 11 September.

6. Insolvency Bill

6.1. The Committee discussed the amendment to Clause 8 of the Bill.

Agreed - a further change to the proposed amendment.

7. Energy Inquiry

7.1. The Committee discussed the take-note debate on the Minister's response to the Committee's Energy Inquiry Report.

Agreed - that Members would let the Committee Office know the issues they wish to discuss at the debate by 20 September.

8. Energy Bill

8.1. The Committee discussed the timetable for the Bill.

Agreed - to invite the Minister and Departmental Officials to discuss the Bill at the Committee meeting on 9 October. If the Minister was unavailable the invite would extend to the following weeks meeting.

9. Industrial De-rating

9.1. The Committee discussed the points raised in the written and oral submissions relating to Industrial De-rating.

Agreed - to prepare the draft report.

10. Any Other Business

10.1. DETI Publication Scheme.

Agreed - to note the report

10.2. OFREG Consultation Paper on Paying for Energy Interconnectors.

Agreed - that Assembly Research prepare an information paper.
Agreed - that the Chairperson would raise the issue of Assembly Research papers at the Chairperson's Liaison Meeting on 24 September.

10.3. Seminar on Public Finance Issues.

Agreed - to request if further seminars are to be held.

11. Date of next meeting.

11.1. The next meeting of the Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment will be held on Wednesday 25 September 2002 at 10.15am in Room 144.

The meeting closed at 1.06pm.

Mr Pat Doherty MP

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