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Mr P Doherty MP (Chairperson)
Mr S Neeson (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr B Armstrong
Mr W Clyde
Mrs A Courtney
Mr D McClarty
Dr A McDonnell
Mr E McMenamin
Ms J Morrice
Mr J Wells

In attendance:
Mr G Thompson (Committee Clerk)
Mr M Anderson (Assistant Committee Clerk)
Mr R Anderson (Clerical Supervisor)
Mrs J Murdoch (Clerical Supervisor)
Miss A Fowler (Clerical Officer) Dr P Gilleece (Assembly Research)

In attendance for the public evidence session at 11.00am: Mr T Wilson, Mr D Blevings, Mr H Nicholl (Northern Ireland Oil Federation).

The Committee agreed to open the meeting in public at 10.35am.

1. Chairperson's Business

1.1. The Chairperson formally welcomed Mr Thompson as Committee Clerk.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Agreed - the minutes of the meeting held on 18 September.

3. Insolvency Bill

Agreed - the two proposed amendments to Clause 8 of the Bill.

4. Energy Bill

Agreed - to advise key organisations in advance that the Committee will be seeking comments on the Bill at Committee Stage.

Agreed - to only seek evidence proposing amendments to the Bill.

Mr Wells joined the meeting at 10.50am.

Mr McMenamin left the meeting at 10.55am.

5. Northern Ireland Oil Federation (NIOF)

5.1. The NIOF gave a presentation to the Committee and answered questions raised by Members.

Mr Clyde joined the meeting at 11.37am.

6. Tourism Inquiry

6.1. The Committee gave feedback on the conference held in Coleraine.

Agreed - to send a letter of thanks to the hotel.

Agreed - to write to the Department for Regional Development regarding lack of signage to the hotel.

6.2. The Committee discussed the final programme for the conference in Omagh.

Agreed - to amend and issue the draft press release.

Mrs Courtney joined the meeting at 12.20pm.

6.3. The Committee considered correspondence from Stenaline.

Agreed - to invite Stenaline to give evidence to the Inquiry.

6.4. The Committee discussed the itinerary for the overseas visit.

Dr McDonnell joined the meeting at 12.35pm.

The meeting went into private session at 12.45pm.

7. Giant's Causeway Site

7.1. The Deputy Chairperson updated the Committee on recent proceedings relating to the development of the Giant's Causeway site.

Agreed - to write to the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and the Minister of the Environment.

Agreed - to send a copy of the letter to Moyle District Council.

Agreed - to issue correspondence to the National Trust and Seaport Investments.

The meeting went into public session at 12.57pm.

8. Office of the Regulator for Electricity and Gas (OFREG) Consultation Papers

8.1. The Committee discussed the OFREG papers on Payments for Generation Capacity Margin and Generation and Supply Competition in Northern Ireland.

Agreed - to issue responses.

9. Energy Inquiry

9.1. Ms Morrice reported on the points raised at the meeting with the Energy Savings Trust.

Agreed - that the Chairman should contact the Chairman of the Social Development Committee to explore the possibility of hosting a joint seminar on Fuel Poverty.

10. Draft Communications Bill

Agreed - to invite the Northern Ireland Advisory Committee on Telecommunications to give evidence to the Committee.

11. Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment will be held on Wednesday 2 October 2002 at 10.15am in Room 144.

The meeting closed at 1.25pm.

Mr Pat Doherty MP MLA

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