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Present: Mr S Neeson (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr W Clyde
Dr A McDonnell
Ms J Morrice
Dr D O'Hagan
Mr J Wells

Apologies: Mr B Armstrong Mrs A Courtney
Mr P Doherty MP (Chairperson)
Mr D McClarty
Mr E McMenamin

In attendance: Mr M Rickard (Committee Clerk) Mr G Thompson (Assembly Clerk)
Mr M Anderson (Assistant Committee Clerk)
Mr R Anderson (Clerical Supervisor)
Mrs J Murdoch (Clerical Supervisor)
Miss A Fowler (Clerical Officer) Dr P Gilleece (Assembly Research)

In attendance for the public evidence session at 10.54am: Mr L McBrinn, Mr D Breen, Mr J Keyes.

The Committee agreed to open the meeting in private at 10.35am.

Mr Neeson assumed the Chair in the absence of the Chairperson.

1. Chairperson's Business

1.1. The Chairperson updated Members on the present position regarding the transfer of Committee Clerks.

The meeting went into public session at 10.40am.

2. Insolvency Bill

2.1. The Committee continued to deliberate on clause 8 of the Bill.

Agreed - to recommend to the Assembly that the clause be amended.

Agreed - that the Assembly Clerk from the Bill Office would draft a possible amendment for consideration at next weeks meeting.

Agreed - to seek a briefing paper on the rights of persons in long-term relationships under existing property legislation.

2.2. The Committee considered correspondence from the Minister outlining proposed amendments to the Bill at Consideration Stage.

Agreed - to note the amendments.

2.3. The Committee discussed the draft Insolvency Report.

Agreed - the content of the report and ordered it to be printed.

3. Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland (HSENI)

3.1. Representatives from HSENI gave a presentation to the Committee and answered questions raised by Members.

Dr McDonnell joined the meeting at 11.35am.
Ms Morrice left the meeting at 11.35am.

4. Tourism Inquiry

4.1. The Committee discussed the forthcoming Tourism Conferences.
Agreed - that Members would advise the Assistant Committee Clerk of workshops they wish to Chair.

Agreed - that Tourism Ireland Limited, Fáilte Dhoire and Derry City Council could bring three delegates to the Conference.

Agreed - that Tour Operators from the USA could meet Committee Members on the afternoon of the Conference being held on 26 September.

Agreed - the briefing papers for the workshops.

4.2. The Committee discussed its overseas visit to Switzerland, Italy and France.

Agreed - that, in principal, the visit should take place earlier than originally planned subject to Members availability and advice from local contacts.

Agreed - a draft itinerary for the visit, leaving on a Tuesday and returning on a Saturday.

5. Minutes of the Last Meetings

Agreed - the minutes of 3 and 10 September.

6. Matters Arising

6.1. The Committee discussed the establishment of a Standing Committee on EU Affairs.

Agreed - to issue a response to the Committee of the Centre supporting the proposals.

6.2. The Committee considered the response from the Minister regarding the Committee's comments on the Service Delivery Agreement.

Agreed - to issue a response to the Minister.

7. Taskforce on Employability and Long-term Unemployment

7.1. The Committee discussed the Executive Summary of the draft report.

Agreed - to note the report.

8. Statutory Rule No 223/2002 Insolvency (NI) Order 1989 (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2002.

Agreed - the rule as laid.

9. Proposed Statutory Rule (SL1) - Electronic Communications

Agreed - that the Committee were content with the proposed rule at this stage.

10. Date of next meeting.

10.1. The next meeting of the Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment will be held on Wednesday 8 September 2002 at 10.15am in Room 144.

The meeting closed at 12.25pm.

Mr Seán Neeson MLA
Deputy Chairperson

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