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Welcome to Research and Library

Constituency Profiles

The Northern Ireland Assembly Research & Library Service now produces profiles using the latest available statistics for each of the 18 Constituencies in Northern Ireland.

Research Publications

The Northern Ireland Assembly Research & Library Service produces a number of Research publications. These cover a variety of topics of interest to Members, Committees and the general public.

Deposited Papers

Deposited Papers are unpublished Papers placed in the Library at the direction of the Speaker or a Minister in the Executive. In most cases they provide information requested in an Assembly Question.

Northern Ireland Assembly Research Register

The Northern Ireland Assembly's Research & Library Service (R&LS) is offering researchers the opportunity to put forward their names for inclusion on a research register, which will be used when tendering research contracts.

For further information or to report any difficulties in accessing these publications, please contact:

Research & Library Services
Northern Ireland Assembly
Belfast BT4 3XX
Phone: 028 9041 8320
Fax: 028 9052 1922


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