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Northern Ireland Assembly Research Register

The Northern Ireland Assembly's Research and Library Service (R&LS) is offering researchers the opportunity to put forward their names for inclusion on a research register which may be used when tendering research contracts.

R&LS is responsible for providing the Assembly, its members, and its committees with research support on a broad range of subjects. Where appropriate, R&LS can commission external organisations to carry out specific pieces of research. To facilitate this work R&LS is establishing a register of researchers which may be used to inform potential contractors of opportunities to tender for such work. Expertise may be required in a wide range of policy areas including education, finance, economics, policing and justice.

Academics, consultants, researchers, or research organisations with relevant experience are invited to apply to be included on the research register. The information submitted will be used by R&LS to inform decisions about which contractors to invite to tender. Please note that registering on the external research database does not guarantee an invitation to tender.

Registration process

Potential contractors are asked to submit a completed application form detailing academic and/or professional qualifications, career history, publications authored and relevant experience.

Inclusion in the register will be decided by a review of the documentation provided.

Further information on the policy areas is available at

Should you wish your name to be removed from the register at any point please email Research and Library Services at

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