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Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Public Accounts Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Press Releases

Session 2010-2011

PAC 10/10/11 Committee Takes Stock of Four Years Oversight
PAC 09/10/11 Basic Skills Still a Problem for Many Adults
PAC 08/10/11 Public Accounts Committee Releases Report into NI Water
PAC 07/10/11 Better Oversight Needed In Homes For Older People
PAC 06/10/11 Statement by the Public Accounts Committee
PAC 05/10/11 Statement from the chair of the Public Accounts Committee
PAC 04/10/11 Disability Living Allowance Appeals Process Must Be Improved
PAC 03/10/11 Substitute Teacher Cover Cost £66 Million
PAC 02/10/11 PAC Finds Office Space Cost Taxpayers £1.8m
PAC 01/10/11 Statement From The Assembly Public Accounts Comittee

Session 2009-2010

PAC 01/10/10Statement from Chair of Assembly Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into Northern Ireland Water
PAC 17/09/10 Public Accounts Committee Calls North/South Bodies To Account
PAC 16/09/10 Government Slow to Learn Project Management Lessons, Committee Finds
PAC 15/09/10 Organised Crime Must be Stamped Out says Committee
PAC 14/09/10 Private Sector Scoops £54 million in PFI Project
PAC 13/09/10 Patients Wait 15 Years For Resettlement In The Community
PAC 12/09/10 Personal Injury Claims Costing Taxpayer £4 million per year
PAC 11/09/10 Gateway Review Process Could Save Millions, Says Committee
PAC 10/09/10 Assembly Committee Gives Education Programme An 'A' For Effort
PAC 09/09/10 Planning Service 'Not Fit for Purpose' says Public Accounts Committee
PAC 08/09/10 No room for complacency as health improves for local people
PAC 07/09/10 Welfare-to-Work Programme Failed Participants
PAC 06/09/10 PAC puts Irish Sport Horse Project under scrutiny
PAC 05/09/10 Departmental Performance Claims Unreliable, Says Committee
PAC 04/09/10 Nomadic Restoration Could Cost Taxpayers £7 Million
PAC 03/09/10 Social housing arrears exceed £20 million
PAC 02/09/10 PAC Report Highlights Serious Failings in IDB Backed Inward Investment Project
PAC 01/09/10 PAC Report Highlights Suspected Fraud in BELB

Session 2008-2009

PR14/08/09 Comptroller and Auditor General attends his final meeting of Public Accounts Committee
PAC13/08/09 Further Education Colleges Hold £44 Million of Surplus Funds
PAC12/08/09 Bovine TB Cost Taxpayer £200 Million
PAC11/08/09 Problems Encountered in MOT Centre PFI Contract
PAC10/08/09 Spotlight put on Bovine Tuberculosis testing
PAC10/08/09 Taxpayers Foot the Bill When Utilities Fail to Restore Streets
PR09/08/09 Public Accounts Committee Scrutinises North/South Bodies
PR08/08/09 PAC Agrees Greater Co-Operation with Opposite in Dublin
PR07/08/09 Health Service Fraud Was Preventable
PR06/08/09 £3 Billion Reform Agenda Under Scrutiny
PR05/08/09 Warm Home Scheme Leaves Families in the Cold
PR02/08/09 PAC Report Highlights Increase In Rate Arrears

Session 2007-2008

PR20/07/08 PAC Report Highlights Sickness Leave
PR19/07/08 Rural Cottages Project Costly and Poor Value for Money
PR18/07/08 PAC critical of flawed appointments process at Hospitality Association
PR17/07/08 National Fraud Initiative a Valuable Tool in Fight Against Fraud
PN16/07/08 NI Events Company cost DCAL over £1.2 Million
PN15/07/08 Benefit error and fraud disappointingly high
PN14/07/08 PAC calls for further improvements to use of operating theatres
PN12/07/08 Public Accounts Committee Publishes Report On Northern Ireland Child Support Agency Client Funds
PN11/07/08 Report on Job Evaluation in the Education and Library Boards
PN10/08 Public Accounts Committee Publishes Report On “Use Of Consultants In Northern Ireland Departments”
PN09/08 Northern Ireland Public Accounts Committee Launches Report on Tackling Public Sector Fraud
PN08/07 Public Accounts Committee Report Land Deals In The Pfi Pathfinder Schools Projects
PN07/07 Public Accounts Committee Holds Meeting Outside Parliament Buildings
PN06/07 Committee Reports on Road Safety Strategy
PN05/07 Committee Calls On Government To Learn From The Springvale Project
PN04/07 Public Accounts Committee reports on Springvale Educational Village 
PN03/07 Public Accounts Committee Holds Its First Meeting Outside Parliament Buildings
PN02/07 Non-Attendance At Outpatient Clinics Costing £12 Million Per Year
PN01/07 Public Accounts Committee: Second Report

Session 2006-2007

PAC 03/07 Committee Reports On £34 Million Belfast Bangor Rail Fiasco
PAC 02/07 Public Accounts Committee Launches First Report
PAC 01/07 First meeting of the Public Accounts Committee


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