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OP 56-09/10

MONDAY 17 MAY 2010

The Assembly to sit at noon

Marshalled List of Amendments

1. Prayers

2. Speaker’s Business

Public Petition - Rebuilding of Whitehouse Primary School

Mr M Storey

3. Executive Business

Second Stage - Construction Contracts (Amendment) Bill (NIA 16/09)

Minister of Finance and Personnel

Further Consideration Stage - Forestry Bill (NIA 11/08)

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

4. Question Time

4.1 Finance and Personnel

4.2 Health, Social Services and Public Safety

5. Private Members’ Business

Motion - All-Island Economic Regeneration

That this Assembly calls on the Executive to explore, through the North South Ministerial Council, ways to develop policies in conjunction with the Irish Government which benefit both economies on the island, with particular consideration being given to the potential benefits of the harmonisation of VAT rates, taxation systems and corporation tax; and further calls on the Executive to work with the Irish Government to develop an all-island economic recovery and development plan, aligned with an investment strategy, to help address the adverse impacts of the present economic climate.

Mr P Butler
Ms J McCann
Mr M McLaughlin

Motion - Robberies

That this Assembly condemns the spate of robberies within local communities across Northern Ireland; and calls on the Minister of Justice to produce a more effective strategy to protect citizens’ private property and vulnerable people in our society.

Mr I McCrea
Mr T Clarke

6. Adjournment