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OP 56/09-10 Marshalled


Item 5: Order Paper 56-09/10 – 17 May 2010

Private Members’ Business - Motions
Motion: All-Island Economic Regeneration

That this Assembly calls on the Executive to explore, through the North South Ministerial Council, ways to develop policies in conjunction with the Irish Government which benefit both economies on the island, with particular consideration being given to the potential benefits of the harmonisation of VAT rates, taxation systems and corporation tax; and further calls on the Executive to work with the Irish Government to develop an all-island economic recovery and development plan, aligned with an investment strategy, to help address the adverse impacts of the present economic climate.

[Mr P Butler]
[Ms J McCann]
[Mr M McLaughlin]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate:
Amendment 1:
Proposed : insert after ‘corporation tax;’

‘calls for the full implementation of the November 2001 cross-border ‘Study of Obstacles to Mobility’ report commissioned by the North South Ministerial Council;’

[Dr A McDonnell]
[Mr C McDevitt]
[Mr A Attwood]
[Mr D O’Loan]