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Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment

Listed below are research papers produced by the Committee.

Session 2010 - 2011

1 December 2010 Renewable Energy - Governance Structures
4 October 2010 Reform of Northern Ireland Credit Unions: Terrorist Asset-Freezing (Temporary Provisions) Bill 2010
30 September 2010 The Energy Act 2010
27 September 2010 Renewable Generation Data and Policy within Selected EU Countries
13 September 2010 Incentivising Renewable Electricity - a Comparison of Renewable Obligation Certificates and Feed-in Tariffs
6 September 2010 Tourism (Amendment) Bill 2010 (Paper providing an overview and discussion)
6 September 2010 Energy Bill 2010 (Paper providing an overview and discussion)

Session 2009 - 2010

18 June 2010 Fuel Prices
14 June 2010 Renewable Energy Event
25 May 2010 Report on the ETI Committee visit to the EU
14 May 2010 A Comparison of the Varney Review and the ERGNI Report on Corporation Tax Reform
6 May 2010 Major Fuel Suppliers in Northern Ireland
May 2010 Briefing Note on How the Committee can Influence any Decision on Whether to Allow Northern Ireland an Extension of Regional Aid Following 2013
22 March 2010 Debt Relief Bill
March 2010 European Union Framework Programmes for Research and Development
January 2010 Renewable Energy Projects In Europe

Session 2008 - 2009

15 June 2009 Overview of Recession
April 2009 Marine Energy
January 2009 Wind Power and Intermittency
December 2008 The Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Biofuel Production
November 2008 Financial Inclusion, Credit Unions and HM Treasury Latest Proposals for Credit Union Reform
November 2008 The Role and Contribution of Credit Unions in Great Britain
November 2008 Debt Relief Orders
November 2008 Briefing Paper - The Role of Credit Unions in Community Enterprise Initiatives in the Republic of Ireland
6 October 2008 Background Briefing on Invest NI
September 2008 Northern Ireland Economic Downturn
September 2008 Review of the House of Commons Business and Enterprise Committee Report "Energy Prices, Fuel Poverty and OFGEM" and its Implications for Northern Ireland

Session 2007 - 2008

February 2008 An Overview of Innovation in Northern Ireland
October 2007 The Role Of UNESCO In The Provision World Heritage Status
October 2007 The Role Of UNESCO In The Designation Of World Heritage Sites, With Particular Reference To The Giant’s Causeway
September 2007 Inquiry into Credit Union Regulation, Services, Funding and Recommendations

Session 2006 - 2007

15 June 2007 Invest Northern Ireland
15 June 2007 The Phasing Out Of Industrial De-Rating In Northern Ireland
6 June 2007 Tourism Reports
November 2007 The Implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive and a Background to Offshore Energy Generation in Northern Ireland


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