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Fred Cobain MLA (Chairperson)
Michelle McIlveen MLA (Deputy Chairperson)
Allan Bresland MLA
Willie Clarke MLA
Danny Kinahan MLA
Raymond McCartney MLA
Ian McCrea MLA
Brian Wilson MLA

In Attendance:
Roisin Kelly (Assembly Clerk)
Trevor Allen (Assistant Assembly Clerk)
Andrew Larmour (Clerical Supervisor)
Alison Ferguson (Clerical Officer)

Cathal Boylan MLA
Tommy Gallagher MLA
George Robinson MLA

The meeting commenced at 10.43am in open session.

1. Apologies

Apologies are detailed above.

Members noted papers which were tabled for consideration later in the meeting.

2. Draft Minutes of Meeting held on 18 November 2009

Agreed : The minutes were agreed for publication on the Assembly’s website.

3. Matters Arising
4. Committee Stage of the Water and Sewerage Services (Amendment) Bill 2009

10.47am The meeting moved into closed session

The Committee considered a draft Report on the Committee Stage of the Water and Sewerage Services (Amendment) Bill, paragraph by paragraph.

The Committee agreed the body of the Report as follows:

Paragraphs 1 - 2, read and agreed.

Paragraphs 3 - 11, read and agreed.

10.49am Mr McCartney joined the meeting

Paragraphs 12 - 16, read and agreed.

Paragraphs 17 - 28, read and agreed subject to the amendment of paragraph 19.

Agreed: Members decided to take forward the clause by clause scrutiny of the Bill at the Committee meeting on 9 December 2009. Members also decided to consider a revised version of the report, taking account of suggested amendments, and the associated appendices, at the meeting of 9 December 2009.

10.55am The meeting returned in open session

5. Departmental briefing on the Broadway Underpass flooding report

The Chairperson informed Members that he had met with officials on this matter on the morning of 24 November 2009, in advance of the Minister’s statement to the Assembly on the issue.

Members noted Amey Plc’s “Independent report on the flooding incident on 16 August 2008”. The Committee received an update briefing from John White, Mark McPeak and Roy Spiers of Roads Service and Ken Harland of Amey Plc on developments since the publication of the 2008 report and progress on the recommendations contained in the report.

6. Public Service Agreement (PSA) and Business Plan Targets and Efficiency Delivery Plans 2008-11; Half Year Monitoring for 2009-10

Members noted the following papers:

Agreed: Members agreed to request further information, from the Department, on the PSA and Business Plan target relating to Water Order consents.

Agreed: Members also agreed to request further information, from the Department, on the budgetary constraints and operational issues cited as causing a delay in the achievement of the target for the Knockmore-Lurgan line project, and to request more details on the timetable for achieving this target.

7. Subordinate Legislation

Members noted the following Departmental proposals to make subordinate legislation:

Members noted that the SL1 memos from the Department on the above proposals made no reference to their having been the subject of a public inquiry. Members noted that the Department had confirmed that the police service and relevant local councils affected by the above proposals have been informed, and the Committee office has not received any comments from the relevant councils regarding these policy proposals.

Members consideredthe following Departmental proposals to make subordinate legislation, which were noted at the Committee meeting on 18 November 2009:

Agreed: that the Committee would write to the Department, indicating that it is content with the policy merits of these SL1s.

Members considered the proposals for the Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations ( Northern Ireland) 2009, on which oral briefing was received from officials at the meeting of 18 December 2009.

Agreed : The Committee would write to the Department, indicating it was content with the policy merits of this SL1, subject to the successful resolution of the outstanding issue in relation to the requirement for drivers to carry both parts of the two part licence.

8. Correspondence

Members noted the following press releases from the Department:

Members noted the following press release from Northern Ireland Water:

Members noted the Northern Ireland Assembly’s provincial media monitoring relating to the work of the Department for Regional Development.

Members noted an invitation from the Northern Ireland Lottery Forum to its 15 th anniversary celebrations on Thursday 3 December 2009 at the Ulster Museum, Belfast.

Members noted the following newsletters:

9. Any Other Business

Agreed: Members considereda revised forward work programme for the Committee and agreed that the revised work programme should be published on the Assembly website.

10. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting

The Committee with visit structural roads maintenance sites at Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh, next Wednesday, 2 December 2009. This will be followed by a Committee meeting at 10.30 am in the Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen.

11. Briefing on the runway extension at George Best Belfast City Airport

Members noted the following papers:

The Committee received briefing from John Doran, Managing Director of Belfast International Airport (BIA), Uel Hoey, Business Development Director of BIA, Ray Hayden of BIA and Gary McGhee of Carson McDowell Solicitors.

Agreed: Witnesses agreed to provide Members with a copy of the briefing notes used during the presentation to the Committee.

11.37am Mr Wilson left the meeting

11.38am The meeting moved into closed session

11.42am Mr Wilson returned to the meeting

Following discussion, Members agreed to write to the Department for Regional Development on the strategic issues raised and also to request an updated research paper from Assembly Research Services on the issue.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 11.52am.

Fred Cobain , MLA
Chairperson, Committee for Regional Development
2 December 2009

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