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Wednesday 14 November 2007
Room 144 Parliament Buildings

Fred Cobain MLA (Chairperson)
Cathal Boylan MLA
Willie Clarke MLA
John McCallister MLA
Raymond McCartney MLA
George Robinson MLA
Brian Wilson MLA

In Attendance:
Roisin Kelly (Assembly Clerk)
Clairita Frazer (Assistant Assembly Clerk)
Keith McBride (Assistant Assembly Clerk)
Annette Page (Clerical Officer)

John Dallat MLA
William Irwin MLA
Stephen Moutray MLA
Jim Wells MLA

The meeting opened at 10.37 am in public session.

1. Apologies.

Apologies were received from John Dallat, William Irwin, Stephen Moutray and Jim Wells.

2. Chairperson’s Business.  
3. Draft Minutes.

The minutes of the meeting of 7 November 2007 were agreed. 

4. Matters Arising.
5. Oral Briefing from stakeholders - draft Budget, draft Investment Strategy (ISNI) and draft Programme for Government (PfG).

Oral briefings were received from the following stakeholders on DRD allocations and responsibilities in the draft Budget, draft ISNI and draft Programme for Government:

John McCallister joined the meeting at 10.55am.  

Willie Clarke left the meeting at 11.55am.
Committee adjourned at 12.01pm.
Committee reconvened at 12.08pm.  

The stakeholders each gave a short presentation to the Committee followed by a question and answer session. The Chairperson thanked all the stakeholders for taking the time to attend the meeting. The Committee resolved that any additional material requested during the briefings be forwarded to the Committee.

Oral briefing session ended at 12.40pm.
Committee adjourned at 12.40pm.
Committee reconvened at 12.45pm.

Willie Clarke rejoined the meeting at 12.47pm.

6. Departmental Briefing on draft Budget, draft ISNI and draft Programme for Government.

The Committee received detailed briefing from Doreen Brown and Geoff Allister from the Department for Regional Development on the main issues for the Roads Service and the Regional Planning and Transportation Division arising from the draft Budget, draft ISNI and draft Programme for Government.

Willie Clarke left the meeting at 12.56pm.
Departmental Officials left the meeting at 1.16pm.

7. Subordinate Legislation.

Members were content with the SL1 noted at the meeting of 7 November 2007. This was:

Members noted the following new SL1s received:

Members noted receipt of the following Statutory Rules which are not subject to any Assembly procedure:

Members noted receipt of the following Statutory Rules which are subject to negative resolution. The Examiner of Statutory Rules will forward his report before the end of the statutory period:

8. Correspondence noted.

Members noted receipt of the following items of correspondence:

9. Any Other Business.

Members noted that papers for the next meeting would be hand delivered to Members on Monday 19 November 2007 due to the Rally Ireland event being held in Stormont Estate on Thursday 15 November 2007.

10. Date, venue and time of next meeting.

Next week’s meeting will be in Parliament Buildings in Room 135 at 11 am on Tuesday 20 November 2007.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 1.34 pm.


Chairperson, Committee for Regional Development.

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