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Wednesday 24 October 2007
Board Room, Newry & Mourne District Council Buildings

Cathal Boylan MLA
John Dallat MLA
John McCallister MLA
Stephen Moutray MLA
George Robinson MLA
Brian Wilson MLA

In Attendance:
Roisin Kelly (Assembly Clerk)
Gillian Lyness (Assistant Assembly Clerk)
Clairita Frazer (Clerical Supervisor)
Jill McCoubrey (Clerical Officer)
Philip Maguire (Clerical Officer)
Meadhbh McCann (Researcher)

Fred Cobain MLA (Chairperson)
Willie Clarke MLA
William Irwin MLA
Raymond McCartney MLA
Jim Wells MLA

10.50 am the Clerk took the chair, in the absence of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, to elect a temporary chair.

Cathal Boylan proposed ‘ that John Dallat do take the chair of the Committee’. Seconded by Stephen Moutray.

In the absence of other nominations, the Clerk asked the Members present ‘the question is that John Dallat takes the chair’.

All Members were in favour and John Dallat took the chair for the meeting .

The meeting opened at 10.54 am in public session.

  1. Apologies

As listed above.

  1. Chairperson’s Business
  1. Draft Minutes

The minutes of the meetings of 17 October 2007 were agreed.

  1. Matters Arising

Officials from the Drinking Water Inspectorate joined the meeting at 11.10 am.

  1. Briefing from the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Randall Scott, Chief Inspector of Drinking Water, and Margaret Herron brief the Committee. Members decided to ask the Department to provide regular updates on the on going monitoring of all water supply zones and the rates/levels of compliance and to forward information on the amount of asbestos piping still in use, including the volume of water going through these pipes.

Officials from the Drinking Water Inspectorate left the meeting at 11.30 am

Members of the Northern Corridor Railways Group joined the meeting at 11.31 am.

  1. Briefing from the Northern Corridor Railways Group.

Wavell Moore, Chief Executive, Peter Fleming, BDP Planning, and James McClure MBE, Chairperson briefed the Committee.

Members of the Northern Corridor Railways Group left the meeting at 11.55 am.

  1. Subordinate Legislation.

Members were content with the SL1 noted at the meeting of 10 October 2007. This is:

Members noted the following new SL1s received:

Members agreed to ask the Department for additional information on the ‘The Trunk Road T15 (Carland Bridge Realignment) Order ( Northern Ireland) 2007’.

  1. Correspondence noted.  
  1. Any Other Business.

Members noted the forthcoming committee staff changes. Members wished all staff every success and thanked them for their work with the Regional Development Committee.

  1. Date, venue and time of next meeting.

Next week’s meeting will be in Parliament Buildings in Room 144 at 10.30 am on Wednesday 7 November 2007.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 12.08 pm.

Temporary Chairperson, Committee for Regional Development.

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