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Friday 18 May 2007

Written Answers to Questions

Health, Social Services and Public Safety
Regional Development


Mullaghglass Landfill Site

Mr Paul Butler asked the Minister of the Environment if she will undertake to carry out an investigation into the running and operation of Mullaghglass landfill site on the Mullaghglass Road in Lisburn; and in particular if she will look at the complaints of many residents in the area about this landfill site as regards flies, litter and problems with odour.

(AQW 6/07)

The Minister of the Environment (Mrs Foster): I am deeply concerned at the effect that flies, litter and odour appear to be having on the quality of life of Mullaghglass residents. Since being made aware of their concerns, my officials in the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS), in conjunction with Lisburn City Council, have been investigating residents’ complaints. EHS has been undertaking regular site inspections including conducting an odour survey to measure odours on site and in its vicinity.

Extension of Shooting Season

Mr Jim Shannon asked the Minister of the Environment what discussions she and her Department have had about extending the shooting season until the end of February.

(AQW 16/07)

Mrs Foster: There has been no discussion on the issue of extending the shooting season until the end of February, however I am open to discuss the issue with you and any other Members.


Out of Hours Service

Mr P J Bradley asked the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to provide an update on the provision of a doctor-led 'Out of Hours' Service in the Mournes and to provide an estimated start date for the commencement of the Service.

(AQW 4/07)

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Mr McGimpsey): The Southern Health & Social Services Board is currently engaged in a joint working process with a panel of representatives elected by the community in the Mournes, to develop a model of Out of Hours care that will meet the specific clinical needs in the area.

The joint working panel hopes to submit a report to the Southern Health & Social Services Board for consideration in July 2007.


PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside

Mr P J Bradley asked the Minister for Regional Development to outline his plans to address the problems caused by Planning Policy Statement 14: Sustainable Development in the Countryside, and to advise of his plans to address them.

(AQW 5/07)

The Minister for Regional Development (Mr Murphy): Draft Planning Policy Statement 14 ‘Sustainable Development in the Countryside’ is the responsibility of the Department for Regional Development and your question has therefore been passed to me for answer.

I am aware of the views expressed during the public consultation on the draft policy, and of the contents of the Report of the Programme for Government Committee on RPA and Rural Planning. The draft policy is also the subject of a judicial challenge.

Ensuring that appropriate rural planning policy is devised is a priority for me and I shall be taking full account of all the representations made as I consider the future content of PPS14.