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The Assembly to sit at 10.30 am

Marshalled list of amendments



- Motion - Arts Funding

- Proposed: That this Assembly recognises the critical role that the arts can play in promoting a positive international image of Northern Ireland, attracting visitors and growing the local economy and the contribution that community arts make to social cohesion; expresses its alarm that the arts are relatively underfunded per capita in Northern Ireland compared to all other regions in the United Kingdom; and calls upon the Executive to raise the level of arts funding to at least the United Kingdom average within the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

[Ms A Lo]
[Dr S Farry]

- Motion - Irish Language

- Proposed: That this Assembly reaffirms its support for the recognition given to the Irish language and Ulster-Scots culture through Foras na Gaeilge and the Boord o Ulstèr-Scotch as an equitable framework for the expression of these linguistic and cultural traditions; objects to the proposal for an Irish Language Act in light of these arrangements; and calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to request all members of the Executive Committee to recognise the sensitivities of using the Irish language by refraining from its use in the Assembly Chamber, in Committees and in written communication with MLAs.

[Mr D McNarry]

- Motion - Sex Offenders

- Proposed: That this Assembly expresses concern at the disparity in child protection regulations and the registration of sexual offenders across the island of Ireland; and calls for an early North-South Ministerial Council cross-departmental sectoral meeting, including the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, the Department of Education and the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister to address the disparity.

[Mr P Butler]
[Ms C Ní Chuilín]


 The future of Donaghadee High School.

[Mr A Easton]