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The Assembly to sit at noon

Marshalled list of amendments



- First Stage - Welfare Reform Bill

A Bill to make provision about social security and for connected purposes.

[Minister for Social Development]

- Motion - Accelerated passage Welfare Reform Bill

Proposed: That the Welfare Reform Bill proceed under the accelerated passage procedure, in accordance with Standing Order 40(4).

[Minister for Social Development]


- Motion - Report on Devolution of Policing and Justice Matters

- Proposed: That this Assembly calls on the Assembly and Executive Review Committee to report, by 29 February 2008, on the work which needs to be undertaken, in accordance with section 18 of the Northern Ireland (St. Andrews Agreement) Act 2006 –

(a) as to the preparations that the Assembly has made, and intends to make, having regard to paragraph 7 of the St. Andrews Agreement, for or in connection with policing and justice matters ceasing to be reserved matters;

(b) as to which matters are likely to be the subject of any request under section 4(2A) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 that policing and justice matters should cease to be reserved matters; and

(c) containing an assessment of whether the Assembly is likely to make such a request before 1 May 2008.

[Chairperson of the Assembly and Executive Review Committee]


- Motion - Single Farm Payments

- Proposed: That this Assembly expresses serious concern at the unjustified delay in payment of Single Farm Payments to some farmers and calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to initiate the Single Farm Payment timescale for 1st December to 31st March each year; and to ensure that no farm inspections relating to the Single Farm Payment scheme take place outside the timescale of the scheme.

[Mr G Savage]
[Mr T Elliott]

- Motion - Rights of Caravan Owners

- Proposed: That this Assembly calls on the Minister of the Environment to put in place legislation, similar to that applying in the rest of the United Kingdom, to protect the rights of caravan owners on private sites in Northern Ireland.

[Mr A Easton]
[Mr J Wells]
[Mr J Shannon]

- Motion - Shared Future Framework

- Proposed: That this Assembly endorses the documents entitled ‘A Shared Future: Policy and Strategic Framework for Good Relations in Northern Ireland’ and the ‘First Triennial Action Plan 2006-2009’, and calls upon the Executive to make the creation of a shared society a top priority.

[Mrs N Long]
[Dr S Farry]


 Retention of the existing A1 from Cloughogue roundabout to the border

[Mr D Bradley]