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The Assembly to sit at 10.30 am

Marshalled List of Amendments



- Motion - Committee Membership - Committee for Employment and Learning

Proposed: That Mr Alastair Ross replace Mr Jim Wells as a member of the Committee for Employment and Learning.

[Lord Morrow]

- Motion - Committee Membership – Committee on Standards and Privileges

Proposed: That Mr Alastair Ross replace Mr Adrian McQuillan as a member of the Committee on Standards and Privileges.

[Lord Morrow]

- Motion - Pension Trustees

That the following Members are appointed as the Trustees of the Assembly Members’ Pension scheme:
Mr John Dallat
Mr David McClarty
Mr Trevor Lunn
Mr Jim Wells
Mrs Michelle O’Neill.

[Rev Dr R Coulter]


- Motion - Free Personal Care

Proposed: That this Assembly calls for free personal care for the elderly, which was agreed in principle in the last Assembly, to be introduced as a priority within a set timescale.

[Mrs C Hanna]
[Mrs M Bradley]

- Motion - Literacy and Numeracy

Proposed: That this Assembly notes that more than 20 per cent of children in Northern Ireland leave school without having achieved the appropriate level of performance in literacy and numeracy; acknowledges the findings of reports by the Northern Ireland Audit Office and Westminster Public Accounts Committee, which indicate departmental failings in strategic leadership and target-setting; further notes that the proposed Literacy and Numeracy Taskforce has yet to be established; demands this is done without further delay; and calls upon the Minister of Education to confirm details of the resources and timescale involved for the implementation of an effective revised Literacy and Numeracy Strategy.

[Miss M McIlveen]
[Mr A Ross ]

- Motion - Domestic Violence

Proposed: That this Assembly expresses concern about the level of domestic violence and its impact on children, and calls for the proper resourcing and full implementation of the government strategy ‘Tackling Violence at Home’; supports funding for local crisis and support services for families experiencing violence; supports an expansion of the network of refuges so that no man, woman or child in need shall be turned away.

[Ms J McCann]

- Motion - Fuel Poverty

Proposed: That this Assembly calls on the Minister for Social Development to review the strategy for the eradication of fuel poverty, particularly amongst pensioner households and households with children.

[Mr F Cobain]
[Mr R Beggs]


[Mr K McCarthy]