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OP 43-09/10


The Assembly to sit at noon.

Marshalled List of Amendments

1. Prayers

2. Question Time

2.1 Education

2.2 Agriculture and Rural Development

3. Committee Business

Motion - Report on the Inquiry into the Dioxin Contamination Incident, December 2008

That this Assembly approves the Report of the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development on its Inquiry into the Dioxin Contamination Incident of December 2008; and calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in liaison with Executive colleagues, to bring forward a timetable for implementing the recommendations contained in the report.

Chairperson, Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development

4. Private Members’ Business

Motion - Creation of a Café Culture Society

That this Assembly calls on the Executive to bring forward legislation to enable the hospitality industry to create a café culture society similar to that in other European cities, towns and villages, to help promote the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries.

Mr P Maskey
Mr B McElduff

Motion - Funding for Preparatory Departments

That this Assembly notes the Department of Education’s decision to withdraw funding from the preparatory departments of grammar schools as demonstrated by the Department’s budget proposals for 2010/11; believes that the consultation process undertaken by the Department does not meet with the Sedley requirements on the standards of proper consultation; considers that this proposal is contentious and should be considered by the full Executive; recognises the excellence in terms of attainment achieved by those pupils attending preparatory departments and the value for money that these departments represent in terms of funding by the Department of Education; further believes that the withdrawal of such funding would represent a false economy, suppress social mobility and restrict parental choice; and calls on the Minister of Education to reverse the decision.

Miss M McIlveen
Mr B McCrea
Mr M Storey
Mr J McCallister

5. Adjournment