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OP 18-09/10 Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 18-09/10– 17 November 2009

Private Membersí Business



Motion: NI Budget

That this Assembly opposes any reduction in the Northern Ireland block grant during the next Comprehensive Spending Review.

[Mr S Hamilton]
[Mr G Campbell]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate:

Amendment 1:

Proposed : At end insert:

‘; recognises that after the next Westminster election, whatever the outcome, the Northern Ireland block grant could be reduced by up to 10 per cent; further recognises that the Executive and Assembly must prepare for this potential outcome; and calls on the Assembly to set up an ad-hoc Budgetary Review Committee to secure cross-party support on plans to manage such potential reductions in public expenditure.’

[Mr D McNarry]
[Mr R Beggs]

Motion: Rural Schools

That this Assembly notes that many of our smaller schools are under the viability quota proposed in the Department of Education sustainable schools policy and calls on the Minister of Education to enact suitable pilot projects to develop ways of maintaining the viability of our smaller schools.

[Mr D Bradley]
[Mr T Gallagher]


The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate:

Amendment 1:

Proposed: At end insert:

‘; and in particular to fully explore the potential for integrated schools or other versions of shared education as the most realistic means to preserve local education in many rural communities.’

[Mr T Lunn]
[Dr S Farry]