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OP 13-09/10 Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 13-09/10– 2 November 2009

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion: Ryan Report

That this Assembly expresses grave concern at the findings of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse report (the Ryan Report) published in May 2009 in the Republic of Ireland; considers that such neglect and abuse of children and young people’s human rights must be subject to criminal law; recognises that children who were placed by state authorities in Northern Ireland in establishments or settings where they became victims of abuse are entitled to support and redress; calls on the Executive to commission an assessment of the extent of abuse and neglect in Northern Ireland, to liaise and work with the authorities in the Republic of Ireland and to report to the Assembly; calls on the Executive to provide funding to support helpline and counselling services which are now facing new demands; and further calls on the Executive to work, through the North South Ministerial Council, to ensure that all-Ireland protections for children and vulnerable adults are in place as soon as possible.

[Mrs C Hanna]
[Mr D O’Loan]
[Mr D Bradley]
[Mr M Durkan]

Amendment 1:

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘criminal law;’ and insert:

‘and calls on the Executive to produce a report detailing measures for dealing with past abuse and ensuring that rigorous protections are in place for the future’.

[Miss M McIlveen]
[Mr M Storey]