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OP 47-08/09 Marshalled


Item 6: Order Paper 47 08/09 – 30 March 2009

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion - Financial Pressures on Householders

That this Assembly notes the difficult economic conditions as a result of the global economic downturn; notes the impact on household bills; notes the increase in the regional rate during the period of devolution between 1999 and 2002, and again under direct rule between 2002 and 2007; notes the freeze in the domestic regional rate; and calls on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to ensure that every possible step is taken to reduce pressure on the bills of householders.

[Mr P Weir]
[Mr S Hamilton]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: At end insert:

‘in particular through targeting measures at those householders on low incomes.’

[Dr S Farry]
[Mrs N Long]
[Mr D Ford]