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No. 51-08/09



The Assembly met at noon, the Speaker in the Chair

1. Personal Prayer or Meditation

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

2. Executive Committee Business

2.1 Statement - North-South Ministerial Council Tourism Sectoral Format

The Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Mrs Arlene Foster, made a statement to the Assembly regarding the North-South Ministerial Council Tourism sectoral format meeting, following which she replied to questions.

2.2 Statement - Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico and the USA

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Mr Michael McGimpsey, made a statement to the Assembly regarding the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the USA, following which he replied to questions.

2.3 Final Stage - Presumption of Death Bill (NIA 23/07)

The Minister of Finance and Personnel, Mr Nigel Dodds, moved that the Final Stage of the Presumption of Death Bill be agreed.

Debate ensued.

NIA Bill (23/07) passed Final Stage.

3. Private Members’ Business

3.1 Motion - Steps 2 Work Contracts

Proposed: That this Assembly notes the procurement process for the award of Steps 2 Work contracts; expresses concern about the management, the requirements and the conduct of the process; and calls for a joint inquiry involving the Committee for Employment and Learning and the Committee for Finance and Personnel, into the conduct of the procurement process.

[Mr A Attwood]

Debate ensued.

The Question being put, the Motion was negatived without division.

4. Private Members’ Business

4.1 Motion - STEM Subjects

Proposed: That this Assembly expresses its concern at the decline in the number of students enrolling in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects; notes the commitment in the Programme for Government to increase by 25% the number of students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds at graduate and postgraduate level, studying STEM subjects by 2015; and calls on the Minister for Employment and Learning to bring forward proposals to ensure this commitment is delivered.

[Mr P Butler]
[Mrs C McGill]
[Ms S Ramsey]

Debate ensued.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr Dallat) in the chair.

The sitting was suspended for Question Time.

5. Question Time

5.1 Minister of Education

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister, Ms Caitríona Ruane.

5.2 Minister for Employment and Learning

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister, Sir Reg Empey.

5.3 Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister, Mrs Arlene Foster.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr Molloy) in the chair.

Private Notice Question

6.1 Budget 2009-2010

The Minister of Finance and Personnel, Mr Nigel Dodds, replied to a Question to which he had been given private notice, tabled by Mr Declan O’Loan.

7. Private Members’ Business

7.1 Motion - STEM Subjects (cont’d)

Debate resumed on the Motion.

The Question being put, the Motion was carried without division.

8. Adjournment

Proposed: That the Assembly do now adjourn.

[The Speaker]

The Assembly adjourned at 5.23 pm.

Mr William Hay
The Speaker
27 April 2009


22 TO 27 APRIL 2009

1. Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly

2. Bills of the Northern Ireland Assembly

3. Orders in Council

4. Publications Laid in the Northern Ireland Assembly

The Investigation of Suspected Contract Fraud (NIA 103/08-09)

Department of Finance and Personnel Memorandum on the Eighth Report from the Public Accounts Committee Session 2008-2009: Brangam, Bagnall and Co: Legal Practitioner Fraud Perpetrated Against the Health and Personal Social Services (NIA 110/08-09)

5. Assembly Reports

Report on The PFI Contract for Northern Ireland's New Vehicle Testing Facilities (Public Accounts Committee)

6. Statutory Rules

(The Department identified after each rule is for reference purposes only.)

For Information Only:

S.R. 2009/163 The One-Way Traffic (Armagh) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2009 (DRD)

7. Written Ministerial Statements

8. Consultation Documents

Government consultation on European Commission proposals to recast the EC Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) (Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform)

9. Departmental Publications

10. Agency Publications

11. Westminster Publications

12. Miscellaneous Publications