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No. 9-08/09



The Assembly met at noon, the Speaker in the Chair

  1. Personal Prayer or Meditation

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

  1. Matters of the Day - Stevenson and Company, Cullybackey

Mr Mervyn Storey made a statement, under Standing Order 24, in relation to Stevenson and Company, Cullybackey. A number of other Members were called to speak on the matter.

  1. Private Members’ Business

    3.1 First Stage - Community Use of Schools Premises Bill (NIA 1/08)

Mr David McNarry introduced a Bill to make provision for community use of school premises.

Bill passed First Stage and ordered to be printed (NIA Bill 1/08).

3.2 Motion - Regulation of Private Landlords

Proposed: That this Assembly calls on the Minister for Social Development to bring forward a proposal for legislation on the regulation of private landlords.

[Ms C Ní Chuilín]
[Mr F McCann]
[Mr M Brady]

The Deputy Speaker (Mr McClarty) in the chair.

3.3 Amendment No. 1

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘Assembly’ and insert:

‘recognises the intention of the Minister for Social Development to bring forward legislation to regulate private landlords; and calls on the Minister to ensure that these regulations will tackle unfitness in the sector, whilst ensuring that unnecessary bureaucracy is avoided.’

[Mr D Simpson]
[Mr D Hilditch] [R]
[ Lord Morrow]

3.4 Amendment No. 2

Proposed: At end insert:

‘to include provision for the mandatory registration of, and establishment of service standards for, private landlords.’

[Ms D Purvis]

Debate ensued.

Amendment No. 1 being put, the Amendment was made without division.

Amendment No. 2 was not put.

The Question being put, the Motion, as amended, was carried without division.

3.5 Motion - The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (POCVA)

Proposed: That this Assembly notes the waiting time for POCVA checks to be processed; further notes that this is adversely affecting child care centres, amongst other employers; and asks the Secretary of State to investigate the situation and ensure that applications are processed as a matter of urgency.

[Mr J Shannon]
[Mr S Hamilton]
[Mr G Robinson]

Debate ensued.

The debate was suspended for Question Time.

The Speaker in the Chair.

  1. Question Time

4.1 Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister

Questions were put to, and answered by, the First Minister, Rt Hon Peter Robinson.

4.2 Minister for Regional Development

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister, Mr Conor Murphy.

4.3 Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister, Mr Gregory Campbell

  1. Private Notice Question

5.1 Neighbourhood Renewal Projects in Belfast

The Minister for Social Development, Ms Margaret Ritchie, replied to a Question to which she had been given private notice, tabled by Ms Carál Ní Chuilín.

  1. Private Members’ Business (cont’d)

6.1 Motion - The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (POCVA) (cont’d)

Debate resumed on the Motion.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr Molloy) in the Chair.

The Question being put, the Motion was carried without division.

  1. Adjournment

Proposed: That the Assembly do now adjourn.

[The Speaker]

The Assembly adjourned at 4.49 pm.

Mr William Hay
The Speaker
13 October 2008



8 TO 13 OCTOBER 2008

1. Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly

2. Bills of the Northern Ireland Assembly

3. Orders in Council

4. Publications Laid in the Northern Ireland Assembly

Road Openings by Utilities: Follow-up to Recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee (NIA 19/08-09)

Northern Ireland Social Care Council Annual Report and Accounts for year ended 31 March 2008 (NIA 41/08-09)

Report of the Examiner of Statutory Rules to the Assembly and the Appropriate Committees (Third Report) (NIA 42/08-09)

5. Assembly Reports

Report on the Inquiry into Private Legislation (09/08/09R) (Committee on Procedures)

6. Statutory Rules

(The department identified after each rule is for reference purposes only.)

S.R. 2008/405 The Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula (Amendment) Regulations ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DHSSPS)

S.R. 2008/407 Game Preservation (Special Protection for Irish Hares) Order ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DOE)

For Information Only :

S.R. 2008/404 (C.23) The Child Support, Pensions and Social Security (2000 Act) (Commencement No.11) Order ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DSD)

S.R. 2008/414 The Traffic Weight Restriction (Amendment No.3) Order ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DRD)

S.R. 2008/415 The Smoke Control Areas (Authorised Fuels) Regulations ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DOE)

S.R. 2008/417 The Social Security (Miscellaneous Amendments No. 4) Regulations ( Northern Ireland) 2008 (DSD)

7. Consultation Documents

8. Departmental Publications

9. Agency Publications

Tourism Ireland Annual Report 2007

10. Westminster Publications

11. Miscellaneous Publications