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The Assemblie…

is the devolved Govrenment o Norlin Airlan. Hit haes the pouer for tae mak laas in a braid reinge airts, comprehendan the housin, the employ, the leir, the halth, the agricultur an the environs. Hit forgaithers at the Pairlament Biggins, Belfast.

Laa-Makkan Forgaitherars (LMFs)…

is waled in frae the fowk o Norlin Airlan. Thar 108 LMFs, 6 frae ilkane o the 18 constituencies in Norlin Airlan. Wales tae the Assemblie bes helt ilka foweryeir.

The LMFs role comprehends pittan throu laas an makkan pruiws o the wark o Ministers an thair Govrenment depairtments.

Plenarie sessions…

is fou forgaithers o the Assemblie in the Assemblie Chaumber. This is whaur LMFs talks owre maiters as bes a-dae wi the fowk o Norlin Airlan, an pits throu laas. Plenarie sessions bes helt Monandeys an Tuesdeys. Thay ar braidcuist live on the Assemblies wabsteid. Ye can leuk at a plenarie session frae the Public Gallerie, at owreleuks the Chaumber.

Assemblie comatees…

is wirkan curns o 11 LMFs. Ilka comatee haes a byordinar airt wark. Thay scrutinise propones o new laas, leuk owre the wark o Ministers an thair depairtments, an mak pruiws o maiters anent the wark o the Assemblie.

Syne 2007, Assemblie comatees is haean forgaithers wi hunners o fowk an thinkan on a wheen differan maiters as haes an effect tae the fowk o Norlin Airlan. Siclyke comprehends halth maiters, watter charges, schuil transfer pruiws, energie prices, raa sauftie, an ingae tae the housin.

The comatees forordinar forgaithers Tuesdeys, Waddinsdeys an Thuirsdeys. Ye ar walcum for tae gae tae a comate forgaither for tae heir the LMFs collogue.

Pairlament Biggins…

is open tae fowk atween 9.00am an 4.00pm, Monandey til Frydey. Ye can tak a tour o this kenspeckle biggin wi arryngean it throu a LMF or throu our Leir Service.

Yer Assemblie…

gies out a Veesits Program for schuils an curns as bes for learnan anent the Norlin Airlan Assemblie. Hit gies out leir graith for tae gie uphauld for the leirin an learnin forby.

Thar an outrax program forby, at peys veesits tae hamelie commonties for tae set furth wittins anent the Assemblie.

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Wantan tae find out mair anent the Norlin Airlan Assemblie?

  • Pey a veesit tae the wabsteid on
  • Caa or email wi onie speirs
  • See the Assemblie in plenarie session on Monandey or Tuesdey
  • Gae tae a comatee forgaither in the Pairlament Biggins or in yer hamelie airt
  • Get ahauld o yer LMF for tae speir efter a tour o the biggin
  • Pey a veesit tae the Pairlament Biggins (Monandey til Frydey) for tae tak a keek at the Graund Haa an giftie shop

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