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The Northern Ireland Assembly’s Environment Committee has announced that climate change will be the subject of its next inquiry.

The terms of reference for this inquiry are:-

  • To identify initial commitments for Northern Ireland that will ensure it plays a fair and proportionate role as part of the UK in meeting climate change targets.
  • To consider the necessary actions and a route map for each significant sector in Northern Ireland (energy, transport, agriculture and land use, business, domestic, public sector etc)
  • To identify the costs associated with meeting these obligations and compare them with the costs that will be incurred if they are not achieved.
  • To identify a formal cost effective mechanism for assessing the potential impact of new policies on climate change / CO 2 emissions. (Akin to Regulatory Impact Assessments/Rural Proofing)
  • To make recommendations for appropriate targets/actions that could be included in the new Northern Ireland Sustainable Development Implementation Plan.
  • To make recommendations on a public service agreement for the DOE Climate Change Unit’s commitments in the second Programme for Government that will ensure Northern Ireland will meet its climate change obligations.
  • To consider what secondary legislation raising powers within the UK Climate Change Act would contribute to Northern Ireland’s commitment to the UK Climate Change Act.
  • To express views on if and how the Assembly might conduct more effective scrutiny of climate change responsibilities across all relevant departments.
  • To produce a report on the findings and recommendations of the inquiry by September 2009.

Any organisation or individual with an interest is invited to submit written evidence by email to the Committee on any or all of the matters covered by the terms of reference.

A short guide on submitting evidence is available from the Committee Clerk at the address below.

The closing date for submissions will be Friday 20 February 2009

Information regarding the Committee can be obtained from the Assembly’s website –

All enquiries / submissions should be addressed to:

The Committee Clerk, Room 245, Parliament Buildings, Belfast, BT4 3XX



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