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Committee For Culture, Arts And Leisure


The Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure is undertaking an inquiry into ‘Participation in Sport and Physical Activity in Northern Ireland’.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are:

The Committee will identify, analyse and consider solutions to the ongoing decline in adult participation in sport and physical activity as evidenced in the NI Continuous Household Survey.
Under the Programme for Government 2008-2011, the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has a target for halting the decline in adult participation in sport and physical recreation by securing 53% participation. The Committee is concerned that all steps are taken as necessary to meet that target.
Within that framework the Committee will specifically:
1. Identify the main groups within the adult population which have lower levels of participation than the average rate for adults;
2. Identify and analyse the issues particular to each of these main groups which act as a barrier to participation;
3. Consider solutions particular to each of these main groups which could lead to higher levels of participation, including considering examples of best practice from other countries and regions;
4. Report to the Assembly making recommendations to the Department and/or others.

Any organisation or individual who may wish to contribute to the inquiry is invited to submit written evidence by email to ( or by post to the address below.

A short guide on submitting written evidence is available from the Committee Clerk at the address below.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 12 February 2010.

Information regarding the inquiry can be obtained from the Assembly’s website –

All enquiries/submissions should be addressed to:

The Committee Clerk
Room 424
Parliament Buildings
Tel: 02890 52 1841