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The Northern Ireland Assembly is an open and transparent organisation. We publish a vast amount of information on our website, which you can access by using the search facility clearly marked on our home page. However, there may be other issues about which you would like further information, and in this part of our website we explain how you can get such information.

In order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, public sector organisations are required to routinely publish information.

The Information Commissioner, who is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, has drawn up a Model Publication Scheme for all public sector organisations, which the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission has decided to adopt and formally commit to. The Commissioner has also published a Definition Document for all public sector authorities which sets out, in some detail, the minimum expectations for the proactive provision of information. As part of our publication scheme the Northern Ireland Assembly have published a Disclosure Log of information provided in response to Freedom Of Information requests.

Most of the information we make routinely available can be accessed through our website by using the search facility, or through the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission Publication Scheme.  Such information is continually updated. If you cannot find information through the search engine and we have indicated in the definition document that the information is routinely available please contact us at to request the information.

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