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The Director General’s Office

The Director General’s Office is made up of the following Business Areas, all of which report to the Clerk/Director General:
Office of the Speaker

The staff of the Speaker’s Office support the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers in the exercise of their statutory and non-statutory duties.

Commission Support and Compliance Unit

The Commission Support and Compliance Unit provides support for the Assembly Commission and House Committees. It is also responsible for the Equality Scheme, Good Relations, the Disability Action Plan, Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Records Management.

Legal Services

The Legal Services Office provides the Assembly and Commission with a specialist in-house counsel service. It provides legal advice and strategic assistance directly to the Speaker, the Commission and Committees. It also provides advice and assistance to the Clerk/Director General and other Secretariat service providers.

Examiner of Statutory Rules

The role of the Examiner of Statutory Rules is to carry out the technical scrutiny of statutory rules (subordinate legislation) laid before the Assembly by the eleven Northern Ireland Departments. The Examiner reports on a regular basis to the Statutory Committees and the Assembly as a whole.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Service is responsible for providing the Accounting Officer and the Secretariat Audit and Risk Committee with an objective assessment of the Assembly’s risk management, control and governance arrangements.

Corporate Policy Unit

The Corporate Policy Unit provides management support to the Clerk/Director General. It deals with corporate governance matters including business planning, risk management and performance monitoring. The unit provides secretarial support to the Secretariat Management Group and the Secretariat Audit and Risk Committee. The unit has overall responsibility for co-ordinating Internal Communications.



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