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Northern Ireland Assembly Commission

The “Purpose” of the Assembly Commission

Purpose = the current role of the Assembly and its Commission

“The Commission’s purpose is to support the Assembly and its Members in their role as elected representatives and legislators, and to facilitate engagement between the Assembly and the public.”

The “Vision” of the Assembly Commission:

Vision = the future which the Commission is seeking to achieve

“The Commission’s vision is of an Assembly that strengthens democracy and engages the people in creating a better future for all”.

The Commission’s “Strategic Priorities”:

Strategic Priorities = the Commission’s main objectives / the areas where it wishes to focus its resources and energies

  1. The delivery and continuous improvement of support for Members in their work in Plenary sessions, Committees and constituencies.
  2. The development of a dynamic and responsive strategy for outreach and public engagement.
  3. The full and effective implementation of the 2007 Review of the Assembly Secretariat.
  4. The management and development of accommodation to facilitate all of the above.
The “Values” of the Assembly Commission:

Values = the guiding principles and beliefs which the Commission expects all staff within the Assembly Secretariat to demonstrate in their daily work

  1. Professionalism

(reflected by a commitment to excellence; team-working; and a focus on meeting the needs of elected Members and the public whom the Assembly serves)

  1. Integrity

(reflected by political impartiality; honesty, and respect for diversity)

  1. Accountability

(reflected by each member of staff taking responsibility for individual, team and corporate performance; and openness and transparency towards the public)

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