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Business Committee

Membership (10)

Chairperson The Speaker
Alliance Mr Kieran McCarthy
Democratic Unionist Party Lord Morrow
  Mr Peter Weir
Sinn Fein Mr Paul Maskey
  Ms Carál Ní Chuilín
Social Democratic and Labour Party Mr Thomas Burns 4
  Mr Pat Ramsey 1,3
Ulster Unionist Party Mr Billy Armstrong
  Mr Fred Cobain 2

1 with effect from 2 July 2007 Mr Patsy McGlone replaced Dr Alasdair McDonnell
2 with effect from 29 September 2008 Mr Fred Cobain replaced Mr David McNarry
3 with effect from 23 March 2009 Mr Pat Ramsey replaced Mr Patsy McGlone
4 with effect from Monday 24 May 2010 Mr Thomas Burns replaced Mr PJ Bradley

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