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Audit Committee

Membership (5)

Dr Stephen Farry 6,7

Democratic Unionist Party

Mr Jonathan Craig (Chairperson) 3,4,5

Sinn Fein

Mr Paul Maskey 1

Social Democratic and Labour Party

Mr Tommy Gallagher 2

Ulster Unionist Party

Mr Samuel Gardiner (Deputy Chairperson)





1with effect from 29 September 2008 Mr Paul Maskey replaced Mr John O’Dowd
2 with effect from 29 June 2009 Mr Tommy Gallagher replaced Mr Pat Ramsey
3 with effect from 4 July 2009 Mr Peter Weir replaced Mr Robin Newton
4 with effect from 28th June 2010 Mr Peter Weir ceased being chair of the Committee
5 with effect from 3rd September 2010 Mr Jonathan Craig was appointed as Chair of the Committee
6 with effect from 13th September 2010 Ms Anna Lo replaced Dr Stephen Farry as a member of the Committee
7 with effect from 15 November 2010 Dr Stephen Farry replaced Ms Anna Lo





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