Following a direction from The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, on 23 November 2006, the Assembly’s Committee on the Programme for Government established a sub-group on economic issues on 27 November 2006. The initial chairpersons approved by the Programme for Government Committee were the Deputy Speakers, Mr Francie Molloy MLA and Mr Jim Wells MLA. Following the meeting of the Programme for Government Committee on 11 December 2006, Mr Tom O'Reilly MLA was nominated as the Chairperson of the sub-group.

The sub-group’s terms of reference are …

1. To consider and analyse the economic package outlined by the Chancellor at the meeting with the political parties on 1 November 2006.

2. To develop an alternative set of proposals to be put to the Chancellor by the Committee.

3. To consider the potential budget deficit in the event that the water reform legislation and other revenue related issues do not proceed or are deferred.

4. To make enquiries into the reports that a financial package is to be made available to Northern Ireland by the Irish Government under its National Development Plan to be announced in January 2007; to investigate and report on the proposed quantum and arrangements for allocation and financial accountability; to determine whether any conditions should be attached and to engage with the Irish Government.

5. To report to the Committee on the Programme for Government by Friday 15 December 2006 in relation to the proposed financial package from the Irish Government and by Friday 22 December 2006 in relation to the other aspects of the sub-group’s terms of reference.


Sub-Group Work Plan

Minutes of the sub-group on economic issues:

2007: 18 January

2006: 21 December / 14 December / 7 December / 30 November

Official Reports (Hansard) of the sub-group on the Economic Challenges Facing Northern Ireland:

2006: 14 December (Afternoon) / 14 December (Morning) / 7 December

Press Releases

PN 13/06 Treasury Officials Quizzed by Assembly Sub-Group

PN 23/06 Assembly sub-group questions Government on Economy


Report Number
Report Name
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6/06R 29.01.07 Report on Government's Responses to the Reports on the Economic Challenges facing Northern Ireland 978 0 339 60194 9