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Mr S Neeson (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr B Armstrong
Mr W Clyde
Mrs A Courtney
Mr D McClarty
Dr A McDonnell
Mr E McMenamin
Ms J Morrice
Mr J Wells

Mr P Doherty MP (Chairperson)
In attendance: Mrs C White (Committee Clerk)
Mr M Anderson (Assistant Committee Clerk)
Mr R Anderson (Clerical Supervisor)
Mrs J Murdoch (Clerical Supervisor)
Miss A Fowler (Clerical Officer)

In attendance for the public evidence session at 10.50am: Mr M Bohill, Mr J Reid, Mr R Nesbitt, Ms J Broadway.

In attendance for the public evidence session at 11.10am: Mr J McCusker, Mr T Gillen.

In attendance for the public evidence session at 11.50am: Mr W Mayne, Mr G Shannon, Ms G Briggs.

In attendance for the public evidence session at 2.10pm: Ms N Goggin, Ms P McMahon, Mr B Howe.

The Committee agreed to open the meeting in public at 10.33am.

Mr Neeson assumed the Chair in the absence of the Chairperson.

1. Chairperson's Business

1.1. The Chairperson updated Members on the present position regarding the transfer of the Committee Clerk.

1.2. Members outlined their concerns about the transfer of the Committee Clerk.

Agreed - to await the outcome of meetings of the Assembly Commission and the Public Accounts Committee.

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings

Agreed - the minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2002.

3. Insolvency Bill

3.1. Departmental Officials gave evidence relating to Clause 8 of the Insolvency Bill and outlined further amendments to Schedule 1 of the Bill.

Dr McDonnell left the meeting at 11.00am.

Agreed - to continue deliberations on the Insolvency Bill at next weeks meeting.

Ms Morrice joined the meeting at 11.05am.

4. Limited Liability Partnerships Bill and Open-Ended Investment Companies Bill

4.1. The Committee considered the Minister's response to concerns raised at the Committee stage of the Bills.

Agreed - to accept the points raised by the Minister.

5. Energy Inquiry Report

5.1. The Committee discussed the draft Take-Note Motion on the Minister's response to the Committee's Energy Report.

Agreed - the wording of the Motion and to table the Motion for week commencing 23 September.

6. Industrial De-rating

6.1. Representatives from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions gave evidence to the Committee on Industrial De-rating and answered questions raised by Members.

6.2. Representatives from the Ulster Farmers Union gave evidence to the Committee on Industrial De-rating and answered questions raised by Members.

Ms Morrice left the meeting at 12.05pm.

Mr Armstrong left the meeting at 12.25pm.

Mr McClarty left the meeting at 12.25pm.

7. Office of the Regulator for Electricity and Gas (OFREG) Consultation Papers

7.1. The Committee considered the OFREG Price Control Final Proposals Paper.

Agreed - that the Committee is content with the approach outlined in the Paper.

Agreed - to ask Assembly Research Services to prepare a critique on OFREG papers relating to 'Payments for Generation Capacity Margin' and 'Power Procurement, Interconnection and the Competitive Market'.

8. Tourism Inquiry

8.1. The Committee deliberated on issues relating to its Tourism Inquiry.

Agreed - to include a written submission from Seaport Investments in the Tourism Report.

Agreed - the workshop allocations for the Tourism Conference.

Agreed - that Committee Office staff should reallocate delegates wishing to transfer to another conference date and/or workshops as appropriate.

Agreed - to invite representatives from Seaport Investments and the Northern Ireland Tourist Industry Federation to the Tourism Conference.

9. Converting Companies Registry to E-Government Services

9.1. The Committee considered the consultation paper on converting Companies' Registry to e-government service.

Agreed - to note the paper.

10. Forward Work Programme

10.1. The Committee discussed forthcoming business for the next four months.

Agreed - to consider the Committee's overseas visit at the next meeting.

11. Housing Bill and Housing Support Services Bill

11.1 The Committee discussed the Bills.

Agreed - that the Committee has no amendments to make to the Bills at this stage.

12. Strategic Planning Bill

12.1 The Committee considered the Bill.

Agreed - to note the Bill and request updates on the progress of the Bill.

13. Commissioner for Children and Young People Bill

13.1 The Committee discussed the Bill.

Agreed - to note the Bill.

14. Establishment of a Standing Committee on EU Affairs

14.1 The Committee examined the ten key questions set by the Committee of the Centre to consider the remit, procedures and workload of a Standing Committee on EU Affairs.

Agreed - to defer the matter until next weeks meeting.

15. Report on the Review of the Northern Ireland Civil Service - A Response to Devolution

Agreed - to invite Mr B Robinson to discuss the report with the Committee.

16. Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland (HSENI) Proposals

16.1 The Committee discussed proposals for an approved code of practice - control of substances that cause occupational asthma.

Agreed - to accept the proposals as drafted.

16.2 The Committee discussed proposals for the dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations, proposals for new petrol legislation phase 1 - changes to workplace controls and proposals to remove safety legislation on celluloid and cinematograph film.

Agreed - to accept the proposals as drafted.

17. Proposed Statutory Rule (SL1) - Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order

Agreed - that the Committee were content with the proposal at this stage.

18. Review of Credit Unions Law

Agreed - to issue a response to the Minister.

19. Departmental Service Delivery Agreements

Agreed - to defer the issue until next weeks meeting.

20. Look Up Belfast - International Built Heritage Conference

Agreed - to send a representative from the Committee to the conference.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at 1.00pm.

Mrs Courtney left the meeting at 1.00pm.

The meeting resumed at 2.10pm.

Ms Morrice rejoined the meeting at 2.10pm.

Mr McClarty rejoined the meeting at 2.10pm.

21. Aspire Micro Loans for Business Limited

Mr Armstrong rejoined the meeting at 2.16pm.

21.1 Representatives form Aspire Micro Loans gave a presentation to the Committee and answered questions raised by Members.

Agreed - to write to the Minister regarding the work of Aspire.

Mr McMenamin left the meeting at 3.00pm.

22. Any Other Business

22.1 Lunch with the Energy Savings Trust.

Agreed - that Ms Morrice would represent the Committee at the lunch on 4 September.

The meeting closed at 3.10pm.

Mr Seán Neeson MLA
Deputy Chairperson

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