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28 May 2009

Cost of Translating the Assembly’s Information Leaflets

How much the Assembly has spent on translating "Information Leaflets" into Cantonese, Irish, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Ulster-Scots. Please provide a figure overall and figures for each language separately. Please also advise how many times each leaflet has been downloaded in each of the said languages.

The Assembly has spent a total of £742.50 translating information leaflets into the languages as listed above. The individual cost for the translation of each language is not held as all translations were requested at the same time under one job order and a bulk price paid.

The NI Assembly holds details on access of information via the website from 1 April 2009. The figures below represent how many times each leaflet has been viewed from 1 April to 15 May 2009.

English = 95
Irish = 45
Ulster Scots = 40
Polish = 47
Slovak = 31
Mandarin = 41
Cantonese = 46
Portuguese = 38
Lithuanian = 41
Russian = 40

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