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28 September 2009

Cost of Assembly Website

What was the cost of developing, running and managing the NI Assembly website, during the financial years 2006/07, 2007/08, and 2008/09?

The Northern Ireland Assembly has an arrangement with the Northern Ireland Civil Service to provide web hosting for the website and this is charged notionally.  All development and management is done in house.

Can I have a breakdown of what these costs were for?

The Civil Service department responsible for web hosting is currently being restructured, which will result in a new charging structure.  Until this is complete, the Assembly has no mechanism for determining how much the cost of hosting the site will be in the future.

How many members of staff manage the NI Assembly website?

One member of staff manages the NI Assembly website.

What are the job titles, and job descriptions for these staff?

The title of the post is Web Manager. Responsibilities of the post include: 

  • Contributing to the development of a new Assembly website in accordance with the strategic priorities of the Engagement Directorate and Assembly. 
  • Providing weekly assurance to the Communications Office that services are being delivered to the agreed Service Level Agreement.
  • Managing, monitoring and controlling the efficient and effective delivery of website services for all stakeholders to allow the effective operation of the Assembly at all times.    
  •   Contributing to the use and development of Social Media tools within the Assembly .  



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